Thursday, February 1, 2018

Best hubby EVER

I have the BEST husband. My MacBook Pro is getting older. Starting to slow down a bit, but I’m not crazy about the new MacBooks. See my current one (early 2011) has a disc drive & USB ports, on top of the fact I was able to put in more memory & a larger hard drive (1tb.) None of which is possible with the new computers, so when the time comes it will be both an up grade & a downgrade, so as a transition, Rob got me the IPad Pro (512GB.) I am DIGGING this thing. Still setting it up & learning what it can do, but the pen & learning to draw on it are pretty darn cool.
This week I had 2 movie dates, wowsers. Rob was off this past Monday, so I decided I will take the decision out of his hands & buy the tickets for “Star Wars: the Last Jedi” to get him to go to the movies with me. He hadn’t been to Cinemark yet & it is a great theater. Aaaand he loves Star Wars & that is a movie (series,) that deserves to be on the big screen. So Monday was date day 😍.It was very cute/good. The porgs were stinking adorable. I love time with that man. ❤️
Porg drawn on IPad Pro + original inspiration 
Movie numero dos was my standing movie date with Ivy. We went to see “I, Tonya” & I have to say, I really was swayed by the media. I totally remembered the incident as Tonya Harding took out Nancy Kerrigans knee with her skate. Totally wrong. I feel really bad for her. I really enjoyed the movie & Tonya was screwed. That’s all I’m going to say, other than: you should watch the movie. 
This week I took a Thursday off as my arthritis has decided to act up. Last time was my rosacea, this time my arthritis. My body needs to just stop this nonsense & behave. Just have been stiff & achy & next week will kick my butt as I’m subbing 4 classes 😳 for 3 people on top of my regular classes. So I figure a preemptive rest + ibuprofen was in order. It does feel a bit better. Maybe. Who knows. Any tips blogland? 
Last for this week, I finally have started tracking our budget. Maybe at 45 I’m ready to grow up? I have been using an excel spread sheet for the last few years to track bills, but no more than that. I downloaded the Mint App (by intuit of quickbooks fame) last year, but never entered any info. Now with the iPad, the screen is big enough 😂 for me to see what I’m doing, So we’lol give this a shot & see if it helps or just makes me feel more guilty when I spend on frivolous stuff.  I did do one proactive budget thing though. Super adult thing to do too. I called (*shudder*) the cable company & talked my bill back down. 🤩 I need a merit badge for that. 😂 
Well ttfn my blogging friends! Have a wonderful week & I leave you with my favorite song as sung by French Stewart...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What is that‽

haiku by me
Hellooooo out there in blogland! How are you all this fine day? I am super! 10 days since I have written & where has the time gone? (I started this on the 23rd, but couldn't finish.) I tell you if I could post from my phone, this would be much easier. But that is a-ok! If you are on Facebook, I also have a One Quirky Girl FB page & have been posting on there as well.  I've started sharing my Zumba playlists so if you are in my class & wonder about "what was that song I heard & liked so much?" Well, now you will know. 😉 It helps when later on & you start missing it, you can request it be put in the playlist again! 
So what have I been up to you ask? Life has been busy since I last chatted with y'all, but then again, it usually is. Let's start with that little punctuation mark up there in the title. Can you see it? does your computer or cell phone let you see it? It's my favorite punctuation mark. It's called an "interrobang." Even it's name is cool. Here's a great post about it & how you too can add it to your phone's keyboard.
Anyway, the interrobang is the punctuation mark that is the combination of a question mark & an exclamation point. ? + ! = ‽ how cool is that‽ Haha. See what I did there? It's just such a great thing to concisely get across excited disbelief. You're surprised & confused. It can be bad, it can be good, but it definitely calls for something more than ? or ! (I had forgotten this gem, & remembered it in a conversation but couldn't remember what it was called or anything, so google to the rescue & bam! long winded "Ode to the interrobang" from me. Your welcome.)
We've had 2 movie dates since I last posted. First, "Paddington 2" was adorable. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie AND our marmalade sandwiches. It's cute, I loved the band in the first movie & was tickled to see them back in the 2nd. I like the film style as well. Where it seem like dollhouse then zooms in. Makes me think of "Babe" a bit style wise. Just a really fun movie. Next. Oh. My. Gosh. We went to see "The Greatest Showman" finally. And let me just stop you right now & say if you haven't seen it yet, please do yourself a favor & go see it while it's still in the theater. It's one of those movies that just needs to be seen on the big screen. Gorgeous imagery, singing, showmanship. I loved it. We oohed & ached, laughed & cried, jumped & applauded at the end. It began by reminded me of going to the circus back when it was full of wonder & things you never saw before. Back before we had computers. And just took off from there. I loved it & would see it again & again and gladly pay full price. Worth every dime. We decided see "the Greatest Showman" at Cinemark as it has a larger screen & figured it need to be seen there, but that meant a later than usual screen time for us. (We usually go before lunch.) So we decided to have lunch at Mio Sushi, which is right next to the theater. Nice staff & delicious sushi. We almost forgot to take a picture & ate some before remembering. we got done & realized we still had 45 minutes before the movie started & it was raining, so a walk was off the table, so we decided to check out Dolce Si. What a nice little cafe. We had cocoa for Ivy & cappuccino for me & demolished a cream swam that was DELICIOUS. Then we just sat & enjoyed our hot beverages while we chatted & watched the rain til showtime. I just love Tuesdays.
Ivy didn't want to decapitate the swan. I on the other hand had no problem biting its head off. 
To help keep the amount of sweets down to a minimum & yet still have the desserts we enjoy I have been trying to scale back recipes to half. So I bought a 6 cup (about half size) bundt pan. It was perfect for one serving each. I used a cake mix & weighed out half & resealed the bag for next time. (I freaking love my food saver.) Then just cut the rest of the ingredients in half & threw in some chocolate chips & it was perfect. January 23rd was National Pie Day. Now I observe March 14th as Pi day & celebrate, but I was informed by Ivy this was NATIONAL pie day & we should have pie, so what was I to do? I couldn't find a small pie pan at Wal-Mart, so I used my 6 inch cake pan to make my pie in. (I did order a small pie pan for next time though.) I was going to go with my usual & bought a ready made crust. But I got it at Trader Joes & thought nothing of the fact that it was frozen. (I normally buy pillsbury refrigerated, but was at TJs, so thought why not.) Well, I got home & went right into "let's bake a pie mode" & got out my pan, tried to roll out the crust & it broke. What the heck‽ So I had to whip up a crust real quick. Shout out to the best hubby in the world for this years awesome addition to my kitchen. He got me a cuisinart food processor for Christmas to replace my weak old cheap one that smelled like it would catch fire if it tried to make dough. I hadn't used it to make dough yet & let me just say, as someone who has adamantly said "why bother making your own crust when you can get a passable ready made" for most of her life, I don't think I'll be buying anymore crusts. It was easy peasy & perfect. Used a simple recipe - Perfect Pie Crust from Simply Recipes & adjusted for my smaller pan. Because its deep & I wanted to do a lattice top I went with approximately 3/4 recipe. 

2 cups flour
1 1/2 sticks of cold butter (cubed) 
3/4 tsp salt 
3/4 tsp sugar
7 TBSP ice water

A bit of silliness. After my last eye exam, I sent my glasses off for new lenses, not thinking about the fact that my back-ups were single vision, not progressive. Not a thought, til I went to read something & had to do the whole find the sweet spot where its far away enough that it's clear but not so far it's to small to read. So I went & picked up a cheap pair of readers & stuck them on top of my glasses when needed. pretty silly looking, but it worked for the week tile I got my glasses back. I guess I need to buy a back up pair of progressives now just in case.
I did have a bit of a bleak spot since last chatting with y'all when my face decided it hated me & psoriasis took a back seat to a severe rosacea flare up. In the winter I go through periods where its more sensitive than usual & will sting when I workout & sweat, but generally calms down after I stop sweating. Holy crap! This was the longest flare up I've ever had. It started friday after Zumba.
Over 12 hours of feeling like I was getting stung all over my face. I tried every home remedy in the book before finally discovering cold green tea. It didn't go away but it soothed it. Thankfully it calmed down a bit over night & in the morning while looking for a heavier duty face lotion, I found my steroid cream that is 2 years old & about to expire, but still works. Almost a new tube since it's been a long time since I've had flare up. but super thankful & now my face is back to normal except some peeling since part of my face have reacted like it was a sunburn & others chapped & cracked like a wind burn. Weird, but glad it's over. Now I just need to get a hold of my doctor for a refill so I'm set if it happens again. 
Last but not least in this loooong post, creativeness. I finished the other part of my Star Wars themed craftiness for Rob from Christmas. Would've been a present if I had started everything on time. hah. Instead it was a January present. He's getting a nice little wall going for quirky StarWars stuff.
Last year we got him a framed print of Boba Fett knitting in a field. Then there was the 3d photo of me as his droid. Now, there is a lovely appliquéd floral stormtrooper helmet. I got the idea from a cross-stitch I saw online. So I did an image search for a stormtrooper helmet & found one I liked, then fiddled with the size til I got it just right. Then off to Jo-Ann's for the perfect fabric. A bit of cutting here, a little sewing there, a finishing touch of backstitching, et voilà! 

Now I just need some vinyl lettering for Yoda quote & it'll be pretty darn snazzy looking. 
If you've read to the end, thanks for sticking it out & I'll try not to be so long-winded next time. TTFN!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Busy/Happy Day

Today was a wonderful & busy day. Great Zumba class turnout at Anytime Fitness DuPont today. 😍 Followed by an excellent Power Yoga class by the wonderful Julie. Side note, I've started posting my playlists on Facebook, so if you come to my class & really like a song, now you can know what it is. 😉
I found my new home at Costco
After the gym, Ivy & I snacked our way around Costco while getting the few things on the list & checking out what they have today. When we came home, she got ready to go hang out with her friend one more time before she (her friend) goes back to college. That's one of the hard things for Ivy going to school at home, the classes at CWU annex are mostly online & older bunch of people, so she misses hanging out with people her own age. Anyway, while she got ready, I worked on kitchen, getting ready for some cooking. Then Robin got home from his knitting group & I decided, I can wait an hour before I get busy so we watched an episode of Doctor Who 💙 (we always watch together & don't get many opportunities,) while I FINALLY finished his scarf (Christmas present.)  No-Purl Ribbed Scarf pattern found at Purl Soho (ps-it's free!) I made it kinda short, per his request as it's for work.
After the episode I got busy in the kitchen...
I had some strawberries I needed to use up & decided to finally try my hand at making pavlova. We had tiny ones on the cruise back in September & loved them. So I knew the merengue would take a long time, so I started my marathon cooking session there. The recipe isn't difficult, just time consuming. Recipe for Individual Pavlova Nests found at The Foodie Affair.
Yummy Pavlova
Due to the fact that the merengue left me with a bunch of egg yolks, I decided to make my go to for using up yolks: Homemade Vanilla Pudding! I've tried the chocolate recipe & it's ok, but the vanilla is way better.
Next up came Marmalade. So, we (Ivy & I) go to the movies almost every Tuesday (cheap movie day) & next week we're going to see Paddington 2. In honor of the movie, we're wanting some marmalade sandwiches, so of course I had to make orange marmalade. The first batch cooked too hot & turned into candy. So of course I had to try again & actually was able to combine the 2nd batch with the first to turn out fairly decent, because waste not want not. Recipe I used:

Homemade Easy Orange Marmalade
1 orange
1 Tbsp. water
1/2 cup sugar
Cut the un-peeled orange and place it into a blender or food processor with the water. Pour the mixture into a saucepan with the sugar and boil for 15 minutes.

And for info on cheap movies, check out your local theaters web sites. We go to AMC & Cinemark. AMC has $5 Ticket Tuesdays & coupons for $5 Cameo Combo (Small popcorn & small soda) for AMC Stubs members (check it out, great program.) And Cinemark has a "Discount Day" which at our theater is also Tuesday & is $5.75. Cinemark has better seats, but AMC has a better rewards program. We found out about the cheap tickets this summer & it has turned into a cherished tradition.
Then as the unnecessary, but delicious, sweets were done, I got to work on dinner. Chicken Enchiladas. No recipe, just thrown together. I used leftover Costco chicken, mixed bunch of tortillas (some corn, some flour. I was using stuff up,) Trader Joe's enchilada sauce, cream cheese, block of cheddar that was getting old, taco seasoning, black beans, corn & more cheese. Not authentic, but yummy. Served with rice, salad, guacamole, salsa. yum, yum, yum.
While I was cooking dinner, Ivy came home bringing Macarons from the BEST Macaron shop in town. La Waffletz & Macaron Station.  (I love them because the first time we went I said, "I tried making macarons, & didn't do too well, so I'll just buy them." To which the chef told me to not give up & keep trying. I mean, any shop owner who puts people above money is TOPS in my book. 😍💕) I didn't get pics, b/c we ate them before I even thought to take a pic.
Then dinner & tv with the whole family since EVERYONE is off today. It's been a great day.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year means try, try again

Welcome 2018! Let's try this blogging thing again. 

I'm not really a resolution type of gal, but a start fresh kind of one. So it's a new year & my goals are basically to get my sh*t together.
#1 Blogging: I like the idea of blogging, but then I get to over thinking posts &/or just not sitting down to write. Words haven't ever really been my thing. I'm cool talking to people but not great at getting to the point. Story of my life in general. I get started doing something & before you know it, I get distracted & forget all about what I was doing, then middle of the night I wake up & remember it just long enough to sound like Homer Simpson - "Doh!" So, I will try monthly goal.
#2 Hoarding: So, I have a bit of an issue getting rid of stuff. Not enough that I can't clean up when needed, but enough that I have boxes. Boxes of papers, boxes of projects, boxes of just stuff. In the past we would move & I'd be forced to clean & sort & purge, but we've been here over 5 years. I haven't lived in one place that long since I left home many, many years ago (we're talking decades.)
It's finally to a point though that I'm pissed about it. Can't find things I'm looking for b/c there's too much, but I get over whelmed just looking at what needs to be gone through. I have decided i need to start 1 box a week & not just sort it, but put it away or find it a new home (even if said home is in the trash. 😭)
#3 Diet: Just so you know, I don't mean like I'm going on a diet. I mean the way I eat. I have fallen off the wagon off and on for most of 2017. Haven't been tracking my eating habits, eating too much, eating lots of sugar & not drinking near enough water. I have gained some weight back, but it's not horrid, just not feeling great & my clothes aren't fitting the best. Easy enough fix, just have to get back on the ball. You're welcome to friend me on myfitnesspal
#4 Digital Clutter: Dude. I have over 30,000 pictures on my computer. This falls into the same disfunction as the hoarding. Again, biggest problem is getting rid of stuff. It wasn't so bad back when you took A picture, now I have 50 of the same damn thing & I can't tell which to keep, so I keep them all. ugh. again. at least once a month I plan on tackling a files worth of pics to whittle down.
#5 Accept & embrace that I'm not a salesperson: I may love a product & even sign up to be a distributor, but I have to always know, don't buy so much product b/c I am not good at sales. But that's ok. As long as I don't invest in a bunch of product, that will have me kicking myself, it's ok. That's not to say that I won't still sell if you ask me, just not doing any parties, or building stock, or thinking I'll make any money.
#6 Be Creative: I need to make myself take time to do something creative at least a couple times a week. I feel better when I create. Whether it's painting or doodling, sewing or knitting, or any of the other things I dabble in. Just set stuff aside & get artsy-crafty. Makes for a happier Heather.
#7 AFAA: I signed up for the dang course, started studying & then forgot about it. Time is ticking away & I need to get this done. So starting tomorrow. Back on the ball. Setting up study calendar so that I can be ready to test by March. (May have to get back on ADD meds for this... J/k... maybe. 😩)

And that, I think, is enough. At least to start the year off. Did any of you make any resolutions? Goals? Plans? Dreams? Is anyone still reading this thing or did you give up? (Not that I would blame you if you did.) If you are still here, Happy 2018! 😘

PS: Do any of you know how to post on blogger from a mobile device (specifically an iPhone?) That would make life way easier.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good intentions

Seriously, if I could just blog from my brain, I would be posting at least once a day. I think about it, but am terrible about getting around to just SITTING DOWN & actually writing down the thoughts in my head. I have a partially written recipe post I will finish one of these days. Banana bread. Yum.
Aaaany way, just popping by to say hi blogosphere, I'm thinking of you. My good friend & awesome photographer Tara Hayes is fixing to PCS ( for non-military friends, that basically just means move,) & even though the weather & lighting sucked, we had a pinup photoshoot. I got dolled up thanks to another friend, the fabulous Lola Del Valle. I wish I could do my own victory rolls b/c this hair ROCKS. I love the look. Lip color is Blu-red + Cranberry Lipsense (of course.)

Prudence had to get in on the photoshoot. 

If anyone in the JBLM area is looking for hair/makeup, give Lola a holler & anyone in the Springfield, Il 😢 area needs a photographer please contact Tara. And anyone looking for some great lipstick that is long wearing & won't smear please hit me up 😉

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stealing my joy

I know I said I'd post a recipe next but life has had other ideas. I've had a pretty great week & the past few days have been throwing stuff to try to steal my joy. It's like for every good that happens something bad has to happen. Wednesday, I found out we get to keep volunteering, which was like jump for joy awesomeness. Same day, I lost my wedding band. I take it off at the gym when it starts to dig into my hand & put it in my pants waistband pocket or my water bottle if I don't have a pocket. (As of this writing I still have not located it & it's looking like a replacement will be a bit difficult as they've discontinued the comfort fit band that I love so much.) And you know, I'm disappointed, but not down. Then Rob & I had a LOVELY day out on Saturday.Relaxed walk in the Proctor District, doughnuts at Legendary Doughnuts ðŸ¤¤ðŸ˜
& then that evening Ivy has an accident. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely thankful that she wasn't hurt & Lord knows that the damage could've been much worse or others could have been involved, but it still royally sucks. I get why she got nervous & wish I could tell all cops please don't use intimidation techniques on the road. Don't follow closely, especially a night. She knew she wasn't doing anything wrong, but it still made her so nervous that she took the turn into our neighborhood too wide & took out a large rock & tore up the front passenger bumper, undercarriage, rim & who knows what else. I have been the one being followed in the past & it scared me. A single female alone a night, even if it's a cop car, it is intimidating to be followed. She's upset with herself b/c she knows she should have pulled over until she was calm rather than keep driving. But it's easy to know & much more difficult to do. So today, I'm indulging in a funk.
kitty snuggles & bunny ears ftw
I am so thankful for my supportive family who support me & comfort me. I spent the day in my pjs not counting calories, not exercising, not doing a darn thing but vegging out & watching the boobtube & stuffing my face. And you know what? I feel better. Not physically. Physically I feel like crap - b/c of eating junk food & sitting on my butt all day, but emotionally I feel better & am ready to get up tomorrow & hit the gym & take the car to the shop. Sometimes just need to remember to "Always look on the bright side of life."

p.s.- if you check to the upper right corner of my blog, you'll see my links & that I have finally finished my makeup order form if you are ready to buy just give it a click. If you want more info, check out my Facebook Group "Heather's Life Proof Makeup" (also linked) or just shoot me a message. 💋

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Feelin' the love!

Oh My Gosh! I am completely & utterly floored. The power of the people can work! At least in this instance. There was enough of an outcry against cutting the volunteers who did not want to sign on with the contracted company, that management (read: MWR) has agreed to grandfather those of us who want to continue volunteering into a new agreement so we can stay on & still be covered by insurance. WOW 😳😮😻 Granted there are still going to be changes (at least for my classes) as the contracted company takes priority, so I have to change days & times, but that's OK! I'm fine with that. I get to stay with my community as well as join a new one at Anytime. MAN. I tell you & I feel so loved right now.  & BLESSED!!!
And today I came home & it was like a 2nd Christmas, my order from Senegence came in, so now I gots me some inventory. Woohoo! Who wants to get some awesome lipstick? Just in time for Valentines day! Lipstick that doesn't transfer, so you can do some smooching' & it won't get on your partner, or your clothes or wear off halfway through dinner... Let me know. I even have a PayPal business account now, just no website b/c can't afford one yet, lol. But I will have an order form/google doc. set up by end of this weekend. (Can not wait to try a couple new colors for myself. 😁 💋.) And if I'm not trying to sell enough, I also have a discount code for y'all if you're looking for Zumba wear. Gets you a 10% discount, just by putting in my code. I don't expect anyone to buy anything, but if you thought of getting it anyway, why not from little ol' me. 😋
And to finish the day I have a snuggly kitty purring on my lap.
💖I tell y'all what. It was a great day!💖
 Shop Zumba use code foof4e
Shop Zumba & use code foof4e
(Please, no english teachers judge my post, I know my writing is horrid, shouldn't start sentence with "And" or "But." But (yeah, yeah, yeah) at least I'm actually posting again & pretty often. Oooh, I think next post may be a recipe. stay tuned...)