Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

DARN IT, DARN IT, DARN IT. I put off calling for repair on dryer til today. Total space cadet. So it will be monday or tuesday before they can come out. I waited til payday to call rather than call & schedule for after payday. For Pete's sake, I am getting flakier by the minute I think.

I hate needing to shop on payday. I got moving to late today & was running late with grocery shopping, so ended up stressed beyond belief. I kept the spending down, but made myself crazy. I am so much better at getting stuff done at night, but then can't function in the mornings. Anyway, I had the kids talk to Rob while I was finishing up shopping &, of course, Ivy was getting worked up b/c she needed me to fix her dinner & her make up. I got Zach to make her an egg sandwich & worked on her make-up while I talked to Rob. The boys brought in & put away the groceries. Then they got their costumes on & handed out the candy while I arranged the fridge & freezer, (square peg, round hole time,) & made us dinner. Had basically the same as Ivy, just jazzed up - peppers, onion, mushrooms & monterey jack cheese in the eggs, on wheat w/ mayo. served the last of the inari zushi & some black grapes with it.

Once the trick or treaters finished, I sent the boys to the haunted house. Ivy went to her party before 5:45 & is spending the night at her friends house. It was weird. This is the first time I've been alone on halloween since Robin was born. Got a bit lonely, was glad when they got home. They said the haunted house was great except they got jostled & Zach lost half his allowance. They couldn't find it. Oh well, these things happen.

Well, time to enjoy some time with my boys. We're watching Little Nicky. Good flick. Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Howdy howdy all. I was bad about taking pictures today, not sure why I didn't, just didn't think about it til I was making lunches. Tomorrow we should have some doozies. Besides it being Halloween, I am letting Ivy take the camera to school, & even though I don't plan on posting pics of ppl I don't know or think would be ok about pics, she always takes some interesting photos. I am hoping to be able to get her her own decent digital camera for Christmas. Of course, btwn back to being a 1 income family & moving in December, it'll be a tight Christmas this year. I have to put my brain to work & see what I can come up with homemade that'll be awesome for them. I love & hate payday. Love it b/c can breathe easier, then hate it b/c I pay the bills & back to square one. Ugh. I hate paying the bills. Blech. Pooey. Ok, I'll stop. Anywho, I got most of the bills scheduled for payment for tomorrow, only have a few that I couldn't schedule ahead of time. GE Moneybank gave me a headache, made me crazy & made absolutely no sense when I tried talking to customer service, can not wait until I'm done with them. Tomorrow I have to get repairs, or replace, my dryer. This kind of stuff is making me nuts. Grr. We leave in Dec, & have to fix the darn dryer we'll be getting rid of when we move. Not like I can go w/o, less than a week w/ it down & I'm seeing build up. yikes. I made 15 bean stew tonight & IVY ATE HERS UP & SAID SHE LIKED IT!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! About time that child was good w/ soup. Also made potato bread, mmmm, & pumpkin crunch custard. & I wonder why I'm fat. Hmph. Oh well, I like food & am cute, so there :P Kept out enough of the stew for tomorrows lunches. On left: mini pumpkin custard w/ cool whip & raisins for decor. pig shaped onigiri, (I tried to use soysauce to highlight, not sure it worked to well.) cheese bread pumpkins. On right: wienies & stew. So, here's a goody for today, the recipe to mama's custard.
Pumpkin Crunch Custard
3 eggs
1 (16oz) can pumpkin
1 (12oz) can evaporated milk
3/4 c packed brown sugar
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp vanilla
3 Tbsp brown sugar
2 Tbsp flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
4 tsp butter or margarine, cut into small pieces
1/3 c pecan pieces
Preheat oven to 325. Whisk eggs together, then blend in remaining custard ingredients. Pour into ungreased 2 qt casserole. Bake 1 hour or until side of custard start to set. For topping, combine sugar, flour & cinnamon in bowl. Cut in butter until coarse & crumbly. Stir in pecans. Remove casserole from oven & sprinkle on topping. Bake 20 - 25 minutes more or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. serve with coolwhip. yield: 8 srvings
If you want to make individual custards, watch cooking, prob about 20 min less all together. Good night & enjoy. TTFN

Devotional - Kill Me Now

Another moving devotional from
Kill Me Now

by Shawn McEvoy, Senior Editor

If this is how you are going to treat me, put me to death right now -- if I have found favor in your eyes -- and do not let me face my own ruin."Numbers 11:15

...while he himself went a day's journey into the desert. He came to a broom tree, sat down under it and prayed that he might die."I have had enough, Lord," he said. "Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors." 1 Kings 19:4

Now, O Lord, take away my life, for it is better for me to die than to live. Jonah 4:3

What kind of a person feels like this? A schmo like me, at times, sure. Maybe you, or people you know. Surely not the heroes of the Old Testament.
Well, truth is, even God's greatest leaders and prophets got to the point in their respective stories where, even after witnessing indescribable miracles and blessings, their circumstances were so overwhelming, impossible and undesirable their attitude was, "Just kill me now, Lord!" Exhausted in body, soul, and spirit, they cried out that they had had enough. They could go no longer in their own power.
The first quote above is from Moses, who had a People Problem. The wandering Israelites were hungry, and as usual, it fell to Moses to solve the problem. He cried out to the Lord, "Was it I who conceived these people? Was it I who brought them forth?" He looked around and couldn't figure out how to satisfy everyone.
The second quote is from Elijah, who had a Pity Problem. This was a prophet who had just called down fire from heaven, destroyed the prophets of Baal, and witnessed the end of a long drought. But just a few verses later, one vow from one wicked queen has him in such despair that he fears he can't go on like this.
The third quote is from Jonah, who had a Pouting Problem. He'd finally obeyed to the point of going to Nineveh and preaching repentance, but when the Lord relented and stayed his hand rather than destroying the city, Jonah wasn't happy. He folded his hands and "became angry" that the destruction he forecast never arrived.
Consider who these men were and what they had seen, what the Lord had done through them. Moses parted the Red Sea and led a people out of slavery. Elijah stood strong for Israel during a time of tremendous pagan influence, prayed down fire and rain, and actually never died (so chalk up at least one unanswered prayer!). Jonah is one of the first stories we tell our children, about how God provided a great fish to swallow him for such a period as he could learn about obedience and repentance.
Not only that, but these guys all show up in the Gospels, in one way or another. Moses and Elijah are present at Jesus' transfiguration (Mark 9). In Matthew 12:38-41 (NIV), Jesus tells the Pharisees they won't get any sign from him other than the sign of Jonah, foreshadowing the three days He Himself would spend in the belly of the Earth.
But interestingly enough, Christ never felt this way. He knew His destiny was to die, and even prayed that such a cup might pass from Him. And let's not forget that He is our example, not Moses, not Elijah, and not Jonah, great as they were.
When we feel the way that these guys did, we need to realize that anyone wanting to die is under attack. And our enemy can bring that attack through people, pity, and pouting. It comes when our body is not healthy, our soul is not happy, and our spirit is not holy.
But conveniently enough, Paul shows us a prayer that covers all these bases. He writes, "Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass." (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).
You aren't alone when you feel like you can't go on, like you would be better off dead than standing strong in the face of the overwhelming task God has given you, especially when you are weak in body, soul, and spirit, and the enemy is on the attack. And truly, it is comforting to know that some of the Bible's greatest faith warriors and miracle workers shared these feelings. But it doesn't mean they were right. Let us not indulge hopelessness, for it is always around us. Instead, let us remember that we serve a God of miracles and we follow the One who never copped to people, pity, or pouting, but willingly laid His life down.

Intersecting Faith & Life: Develop a plan that gives you exercise and rest in proper amounts for your body, soul, and spirit, so that you will be less prone to attack.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

blonde day

Some days I just don't know where my head is. If I was a blond, I'd be the epitome of all those jokes. I was a bum in the morning, then once I got busy, just moved from one thing to another & ended up forgetting about time, & almost missed talking to Rob. It was 6 or so here when Robin came down stairs & told me I had missed talking to Rob, that he'd just talked to him & had called me, but I didn't hear, & Rob said he loved me, missed me & would talk to me tomorrow. I felt like my stomach fell down & splatted all over the kitchen floor. Looked at a clock & almost passed out. Ran to my computer & luckily, luckily he was still on. He must really love me to stay up so late talking to me. ;)

The boys finally finished the dog house today. Not too shabby, esp. using found & scrap lumber.

She's already enjoying it. We even had an old camp mat that was all crumply & weird, (years in storage,) that made a wonderful liner for the dog house, so an almost no cost doggy house.All it cost was some arguments & a blood blister for Zach when he learned to be careful with the hammer. I also did a bit of constructing today, I was trying to clean the kitchen, & have I mentioned lately that my kitchen SUCKS!!! Sorry, bad girl. Ok, anyway, once again trying to deal with lack of counter space, I looked out the window & saw some spare wood from the boys construction,& thought - ah, shelf. so put together a quick shelf to house my tons of containers, for coffee fixings & cocoa, tea & such. If it all wasn't used so regularly every day, could put in a cabinet, but at the rate we use it, would just be left out any way. Anywho, here be my handi-work. I'm actually quite pleased with the end result. That old look. Like it came from an old farm house. I even attached powerstrip on the wall, so the cord wouldn't get inthe way of the legs. & anchored it w/an L bracket. Also, I love how all those containers look. The only one I bought is the one with the latch holding the cocoa, the rest are jar candle containers. They really make the nicest containers & such good lids.

The neighbors across the street sent over a bunch of fresh pears today. Yum. So now, I think I'll make a dessert or sweet bread with them & can send some back over to them. (I know, they look like potatoes, but those are pears.) One of the things I'm looking forward to when we finally retire is to stop moving & plant some fruit trees. I love having that abundance & being able to make fresh foods to share & be able to can & bake. I really really do enjoy being at home. I am so thankful to Rob for supporting me in this. I am happier being a homemaker, than a business woman. I just wish Rob was around to share the benefits of a happier home making wife. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to balance work & home, but for now, at least I am able to focus on the important one. Almost, almost makes me yearn for a non-4-legged baby. almost. Of course, she may be furry, but she is soooooo sweet & loves me dearly. She's not spoiled at all. I got in a discussion w/ Rob & Robin yesterday, they just don't understand my baby is sensitive & needs to be coddled. She gets cold outside, & needs an extra coat. Hers just isn't enough. She may be a dog, but not all dogs are tough enough for the outside. So, nyeh >:P (or however you do emoticon of a raspberry.) The cat was even being sweet today & very photogenic. That is the one concession I'll give. Sera is not the best to take pictures of. She acts like a 3 yr old w/ ADHD most of the time. - like me. ha ha. Anyway, I got some really nice shots of Cattamia today & she even let me pet her for almost 5 whole minutes.

It appears I've used up all my free space on flickr, so on payday will upgrade. At least it's not too bad, ~$25 for a year. I just will need to make sure I use it.
I don't always know what brings on these group hugs, but I take what I can get.
Ivy doesn't see it, but I always am take aback by how beautiful she is. I'm not sure why, but I really like this picture of Robin & Ivy, it's just so them.
Last, but not least, here's tomorrow's bento's. It takes me way too long, but is rewarding. Top is mozzarella sandwich sicks. Bottom is piggy onigiri & seasoned mixed veggies - snow peas, red peppers & potatoes. On the side is marinara sauce for dipping & cherry jello w/ pineapple & topped with pear chunks. The first picture there is to show the scale of what I fix every day for lunch. But it is so awesome, to have the kids tell me how much they loved their lunch every day. They're really good kids. Well, goodnight one & all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ewwwww, someone has stinky feet. It is permeating the house. Had to break out the incense. I am unsure if it is one of my chilluns or Zach's friend, but Yuck!
Whew, the stench is gone. bad, bad feet.
I volunteered at the library at Ivy's school today. Amazing how tiring shelving books can be. But it was nice. Sera went berserk when I came home though, she's not used to being apart from me any more. Poor pup. Apparently she was cold this morning. When I woke up & went to let her out of her crate, I didn't see her. All I saw was a big lump in her cushion. She had crawled inside the cover of her cushion. I guess that's an indicator it's time to close the windows. I just like it cold, kind of like Rob is still around, keep the house freezing & I curl up under blankets. It's just not right to have the house warm enough for no blankets when it's chilly out. Actually this morning was cold enough, I think it's time to break out the winter jackets.

I made easy dinner for tonight, but nice lunches for tomorrow.
bottom: Inarizushi (fried bean curd pockets, stuffed with rice,) Tamagoyaki (sweet rolled omelet,) meatballs,
top: dill pickle, brocoli, celery, cauliflower, 1 piece of rice candy.
yum. Zach's bento actually looked best tonight, so here 'tis.
Sorry this is a short one tonight, but I am beat. So good night to one & all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Icky Monday

I woke today feeling puny. No sure why, but ended up punking out of volunteer work today, I'll go tomorrow. Spent most of the day sleeping. Always a good cure for puniness, good sleep. I felt better by time to make dinner. I got to talk to my honey today!!!!!!! :) His internet was finally working again. Yea! I really really miss him. I think talking to him was the final step to feeling well.
I made curry again tonight. yum. I need to start treating every day as if it was the end of the month & work towards stretching our dollars even when I don't necessarily need to. It would be so much better to regularly budget, sometimes it's hard to resist "retail therapy" though. I just want to get what I want w/o thinking, but that is a very immature view. *sigh* Oh well. But I have been working on making things stretch, especially meat. Takes some thought, but it's not terrible. Just working towards finding other, cheaper ways to fill the bottomless pits that the boys call their stomachs. Such as breads & frozen veggies. I only took a pic. of Ivys' bento tonight. It always ends up the best looking anyway. I think it's b/c it is a better shape to work with. I have the same size/shape, but usually give myself the scraps after cutting the veggies & all. Found I had a partial tub of coolwhip hiding in the fridge, so looked through my supplies & also found a nilla wafer crust, so threw together a banana pudding pie for desert. I need to break the kids, (& myself,) of always wanting desert. But yummy. The pie is a 4 serving vanilla pudding, made according to pkg directions. 2 bananas sliced, a nilla wafer crust & some extra nilla wafers. Layered all & topped w/ coolwhip. Not much of a recipe, but still good. I hope you all had a great day & will TTYT.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in the park

I only had a couple of pictures from yesterday, & didn't end uploading them 'til today, but here is my sweet cuddly boy & a pic of "cat fishing." Caught a cute one.

Mama said she sometimes has problems seeing the pictures on my post, so here is the link to my flickr pics.

We got our picnic today. Yea! Ivy's best friend came with us today. We'll all miss her when we leave, she is a really good friend to Ivy & has great parents too. I was surprised at how busy it was at the park today. So, w/ too many small children & their parents at the park, I didn't play on the playground :( The boys didn't too much either. Oh well. We did have a good time & good picnic. We had planned on walking to the park, but of course I was running late w/ the food. Ended up leaving almost an hour later than planned, so drove to the park & walked once we were there. We did have fun walking around & playing w/ the dog. I had meant to teach Robin how to sew today, but was so tired when we got home, so took a long nap. I'm trying to get psyched for tomorrow. I'm always a bit trepiditious before doing something new, but I know I'll enjoy it once there. It was very windy & cool today, beautiful though. It's started raining tonight, really unexpected. The desert storms knocked out the internet server, but Rob did call today. So all good. I'm a bit rambling tonight, sorry.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I hate the end of the month & not having my budget under control. I feel bad, the kids wanted to go to the haunted house here on base & we were fixing t head out when I double checkd about it onlin. See, we've been diving & walking past it for a couple of weeks & seeing the sign outside it saying "coming soon." So I said sure we could go, well when I checked online, it turns out the dumb thing is $5 per adult & $3 for kids to 4-12 & I just don't have $18. Blech. Stupid. Oh well, they are also open on Halloween, so the boys can go then if they want. Ivy is going to a party on Halloween, was upset for a sec, but ok now. The picnic ended up canceled today as I wa abandoned by 2 of the kids. First Zach went to the YS w/ his friend for the day, then Ivy went to play. So, Robin was my buddy today - Yea! He's a good boy. They're all good, just felt sad they abandoned plans to hang out together. Oh well. Robin asked me to teach him how to sew & he said he'd help make more doggy diapers. Made another this morning b/c I was desperate, but it is still a messy one, b/c was done very, very fast. Also, was not about to take pics when I was trying to rush. Had to return a couple of things at walmart & pick up other things, saw ther was a coinstar at customer service. Never knew there was one there. I asked & they said it's been there since May. It took me this long to notice it. I am waaaaaaayyyyyy to oblivious.
Rob's internet is down today :( Stupid desert weather. Have any of you seen this new cartoon "Making Fiends"? It's about a terrible little girl named Vendetta who creates monsters to terrorize everyone in town & this anoyingly sweet, oblivious girl named Charlotte who moves to town & makes Vendetta crazy while thinking they are friends. Anyway, I'm feeling decidedly Vendetta-ish today. Very everything is stupid. Oh well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

had a bad day

Hey all, feeling down today. Had a lot of little things go wrong & work towards my general feeling of suckiness. So rather than spread my badness, I will go to bed & believe that I will wake in the morning to a brand new, beautiful happy day. Plus we're goinbg on another picnic, so I'm going to go play on the swings darn it. So, please go enjoy the "Bad Day" video by Daniel Powter & I will be ok tomorrow. Peace.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is AWESOME!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather & the trees. Nature is so great at this time of the year. Beautiful & wonderful. Ivy had parent teacher conferences tonight. I agreed to volunteer in the school library while we're still here. I've never volunteered before. Always, there has been some reason I couldn't. Both Ivy & I are looking forward to it. Peanut & I walked to her school enjoying the sun starting to set. She sure is my buddy. I adore all my kids equally, but Ivy actually wants to hang out with me still & seeks me out. I know the boys love me & even like me most of the time, but I know I'm not someone they would choose to hang w/ very often. Makes when they do hang out w/ me that much more special.

All three of the kids are doing so well. I am very very proud. It was a student led conference, so she took me around her class showing me what she knows. Smart cookie. She will really miss her friends & teacher. I got to meet some of her friends I didn't know, but have heard alllllll about. Even saw her, now, ex-boyfriend. She broke up with him a couple of days ago b/c it was "too wierd" dating her friends brother. He kept smiling at her & making eyes at her while his sister was showing her dad around. Awwww. I also got to meet one of the special needs kids she helps out. With the exception of her brothers, she is a very compassionate & sweet girl.

I'm not a proud mom at all, am I. The sky tonight was soo neat & just really loved our walk/run home. We got a bit silly & it was chilly, so we half ran home.

I forgot to take any pics tonight of dinner, but was sooooooo good. Of course, it had no usable recipe, but was still great. Towards the end of the month, so of course, tight budget. I knew I wanted pancakes, I hardly ever want them in the morning, but still love them. Also, it's time to be using up stuff. So, I threw in all the bisquick I had, about 1 1/2 cups wheat flour, ~ 3/4 cup of quick oats, (left in container from when I made cookies,) a bit of apple sauce, then of course the usual for pancakes, cpl eggs, baking soda & powder & a bit of sugar. Then for yum, cinnamon & allspice. Served with cocoa & applesauce for the kids & coffee & applesauce for me. so so so yummy.

I remembered to take pics of the bentos last night, a bit nicer, getting better all the time. Also, there's that awesome apple. Not only delicious, but also BEAUTIFUL!
BTW, I don't think I've mentioned how much I HATE my kitchen. I can not wait to not longer have my washer & dryer be my prep area. Why, why, why would you WANT your laundry in your kitchen?!?

Speaking of beautiful, my girl is so Kawaii.

She's so peaceful, & now it's time for me to join her. Good Night Y'all.