Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day today. Nice & cool, with the sun shining, and of course I forgot to bring my camera with me on my walk. Too busy with the dog. I took the truck in for an oil change & tire maintenance & of course it was goingto be a few hour wait, so I brought Sera & walked home from Firestone. What a nice walk. I found a path through some woods behind our housing area on the way home that I decided to explore. It ended up pretty much a path to nowhere, ends pointing across main road on post, 4 lanes of busy traffic. Til it's end it was a lovely path though. It was a goody, goody day too. I got my order from Ichiban Kan today. Oh, it was like Christmas. Fun, fun, fun. The boys bentoboxes did end up a bi smaller than I thought though. But mine & Ivy's are perfect. I offered to get the sames cutesy ones for the boys & Zach said I just want to get them picked on don't I. Punk. The conection was so terrible today, couldn't IM. Tried to talk. Spent most of the time we tried saying helllooooo. Next time I'll go inside before I start calling & yelling to the computer. Bunch of strange looks. Story of my life. I have a couple of friends going through some really tough times in their lives right now & if they are reading, I just want them to know they are praying for them. Bless y'all.

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