Wednesday, October 29, 2008

blonde day

Some days I just don't know where my head is. If I was a blond, I'd be the epitome of all those jokes. I was a bum in the morning, then once I got busy, just moved from one thing to another & ended up forgetting about time, & almost missed talking to Rob. It was 6 or so here when Robin came down stairs & told me I had missed talking to Rob, that he'd just talked to him & had called me, but I didn't hear, & Rob said he loved me, missed me & would talk to me tomorrow. I felt like my stomach fell down & splatted all over the kitchen floor. Looked at a clock & almost passed out. Ran to my computer & luckily, luckily he was still on. He must really love me to stay up so late talking to me. ;)

The boys finally finished the dog house today. Not too shabby, esp. using found & scrap lumber.

She's already enjoying it. We even had an old camp mat that was all crumply & weird, (years in storage,) that made a wonderful liner for the dog house, so an almost no cost doggy house.All it cost was some arguments & a blood blister for Zach when he learned to be careful with the hammer. I also did a bit of constructing today, I was trying to clean the kitchen, & have I mentioned lately that my kitchen SUCKS!!! Sorry, bad girl. Ok, anyway, once again trying to deal with lack of counter space, I looked out the window & saw some spare wood from the boys construction,& thought - ah, shelf. so put together a quick shelf to house my tons of containers, for coffee fixings & cocoa, tea & such. If it all wasn't used so regularly every day, could put in a cabinet, but at the rate we use it, would just be left out any way. Anywho, here be my handi-work. I'm actually quite pleased with the end result. That old look. Like it came from an old farm house. I even attached powerstrip on the wall, so the cord wouldn't get inthe way of the legs. & anchored it w/an L bracket. Also, I love how all those containers look. The only one I bought is the one with the latch holding the cocoa, the rest are jar candle containers. They really make the nicest containers & such good lids.

The neighbors across the street sent over a bunch of fresh pears today. Yum. So now, I think I'll make a dessert or sweet bread with them & can send some back over to them. (I know, they look like potatoes, but those are pears.) One of the things I'm looking forward to when we finally retire is to stop moving & plant some fruit trees. I love having that abundance & being able to make fresh foods to share & be able to can & bake. I really really do enjoy being at home. I am so thankful to Rob for supporting me in this. I am happier being a homemaker, than a business woman. I just wish Rob was around to share the benefits of a happier home making wife. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to balance work & home, but for now, at least I am able to focus on the important one. Almost, almost makes me yearn for a non-4-legged baby. almost. Of course, she may be furry, but she is soooooo sweet & loves me dearly. She's not spoiled at all. I got in a discussion w/ Rob & Robin yesterday, they just don't understand my baby is sensitive & needs to be coddled. She gets cold outside, & needs an extra coat. Hers just isn't enough. She may be a dog, but not all dogs are tough enough for the outside. So, nyeh >:P (or however you do emoticon of a raspberry.) The cat was even being sweet today & very photogenic. That is the one concession I'll give. Sera is not the best to take pictures of. She acts like a 3 yr old w/ ADHD most of the time. - like me. ha ha. Anyway, I got some really nice shots of Cattamia today & she even let me pet her for almost 5 whole minutes.

It appears I've used up all my free space on flickr, so on payday will upgrade. At least it's not too bad, ~$25 for a year. I just will need to make sure I use it.
I don't always know what brings on these group hugs, but I take what I can get.
Ivy doesn't see it, but I always am take aback by how beautiful she is. I'm not sure why, but I really like this picture of Robin & Ivy, it's just so them.
Last, but not least, here's tomorrow's bento's. It takes me way too long, but is rewarding. Top is mozzarella sandwich sicks. Bottom is piggy onigiri & seasoned mixed veggies - snow peas, red peppers & potatoes. On the side is marinara sauce for dipping & cherry jello w/ pineapple & topped with pear chunks. The first picture there is to show the scale of what I fix every day for lunch. But it is so awesome, to have the kids tell me how much they loved their lunch every day. They're really good kids. Well, goodnight one & all.

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