Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy day

Woke up a bit on the early side today. Had to keep Ivy in her PJ's, relaxed & have her wait on breakfast. Today was a big day. Secret Girl Scout "kidnapping." What a neat thing. The parents had to be sneaky & arrange for permission & all w/o letting the girls know. Then our fearless leader & some parent volunteers picked up the girls from their houses for pancakes & their meeting. How cool. Ivy couldn't believe I knew all about it & never gave it away to her. So I got bonus of a snuggly morning. The kids are getting used to my constant picture taking. So I got great snuggling w/ my beautiful little girl & Sera as usual curled up in my lap. It was like getting an all over hug. Heaven. Zach woke up & said he'd make muffins, (he was in on the secret, so was helping in delay, but then he did end up making some.)

After Ivy left & we ate breakfast, the boys & I cleaned house for the rest of the day. Took break to go pick up Ivy & have lunch, then Ivy joined the cleaning. Finally got done, the kids all heade off to the PX to spend all their money, & I was going to start on my sewing when I realized it was time to talk to Rob already. I had made a deal w/ the kids on their way out & they agreed to pick up some groceries for dinner on their way home. The time flew today & I was exhausted! So I chated w/ my honey for a bit, but he saw how tire I was & we had a short night, then I got a half hour to myself before the kids came home & it was time for dinner. I made mochi yesterday, but didn't finish the Ohagi last night, so I finished it today. Didn't follow exactly but I think I did ok. I couldn't find Azuki beans, so made do with small red beans from the commissary. Then as the kids felt the rice was too bland, (but really like the filling,) I coated some w/ cinamon, & some w/ powdered sugar. They all would've been cinnamon, but I ran out. So, now, once again, I'm beat. So will say good night.


The Dragon Man said...

Don't forget the nasty cardomom or whatever. BLECH!

Foof4e said...

Yes, yes. I know as the taste tester you sometimes get some of my experiments that don't work. Sorry baby.