Saturday, October 25, 2008


I hate the end of the month & not having my budget under control. I feel bad, the kids wanted to go to the haunted house here on base & we were fixing t head out when I double checkd about it onlin. See, we've been diving & walking past it for a couple of weeks & seeing the sign outside it saying "coming soon." So I said sure we could go, well when I checked online, it turns out the dumb thing is $5 per adult & $3 for kids to 4-12 & I just don't have $18. Blech. Stupid. Oh well, they are also open on Halloween, so the boys can go then if they want. Ivy is going to a party on Halloween, was upset for a sec, but ok now. The picnic ended up canceled today as I wa abandoned by 2 of the kids. First Zach went to the YS w/ his friend for the day, then Ivy went to play. So, Robin was my buddy today - Yea! He's a good boy. They're all good, just felt sad they abandoned plans to hang out together. Oh well. Robin asked me to teach him how to sew & he said he'd help make more doggy diapers. Made another this morning b/c I was desperate, but it is still a messy one, b/c was done very, very fast. Also, was not about to take pics when I was trying to rush. Had to return a couple of things at walmart & pick up other things, saw ther was a coinstar at customer service. Never knew there was one there. I asked & they said it's been there since May. It took me this long to notice it. I am waaaaaaayyyyyy to oblivious.
Rob's internet is down today :( Stupid desert weather. Have any of you seen this new cartoon "Making Fiends"? It's about a terrible little girl named Vendetta who creates monsters to terrorize everyone in town & this anoyingly sweet, oblivious girl named Charlotte who moves to town & makes Vendetta crazy while thinking they are friends. Anyway, I'm feeling decidedly Vendetta-ish today. Very everything is stupid. Oh well.

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