Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is AWESOME!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather & the trees. Nature is so great at this time of the year. Beautiful & wonderful. Ivy had parent teacher conferences tonight. I agreed to volunteer in the school library while we're still here. I've never volunteered before. Always, there has been some reason I couldn't. Both Ivy & I are looking forward to it. Peanut & I walked to her school enjoying the sun starting to set. She sure is my buddy. I adore all my kids equally, but Ivy actually wants to hang out with me still & seeks me out. I know the boys love me & even like me most of the time, but I know I'm not someone they would choose to hang w/ very often. Makes when they do hang out w/ me that much more special.

All three of the kids are doing so well. I am very very proud. It was a student led conference, so she took me around her class showing me what she knows. Smart cookie. She will really miss her friends & teacher. I got to meet some of her friends I didn't know, but have heard alllllll about. Even saw her, now, ex-boyfriend. She broke up with him a couple of days ago b/c it was "too wierd" dating her friends brother. He kept smiling at her & making eyes at her while his sister was showing her dad around. Awwww. I also got to meet one of the special needs kids she helps out. With the exception of her brothers, she is a very compassionate & sweet girl.

I'm not a proud mom at all, am I. The sky tonight was soo neat & just really loved our walk/run home. We got a bit silly & it was chilly, so we half ran home.

I forgot to take any pics tonight of dinner, but was sooooooo good. Of course, it had no usable recipe, but was still great. Towards the end of the month, so of course, tight budget. I knew I wanted pancakes, I hardly ever want them in the morning, but still love them. Also, it's time to be using up stuff. So, I threw in all the bisquick I had, about 1 1/2 cups wheat flour, ~ 3/4 cup of quick oats, (left in container from when I made cookies,) a bit of apple sauce, then of course the usual for pancakes, cpl eggs, baking soda & powder & a bit of sugar. Then for yum, cinnamon & allspice. Served with cocoa & applesauce for the kids & coffee & applesauce for me. so so so yummy.

I remembered to take pics of the bentos last night, a bit nicer, getting better all the time. Also, there's that awesome apple. Not only delicious, but also BEAUTIFUL!
BTW, I don't think I've mentioned how much I HATE my kitchen. I can not wait to not longer have my washer & dryer be my prep area. Why, why, why would you WANT your laundry in your kitchen?!?

Speaking of beautiful, my girl is so Kawaii.

She's so peaceful, & now it's time for me to join her. Good Night Y'all.

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