Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guten Morgen people

Well howdy all. I'm feeling pretty good so far today. I have 16 min. until Rob call - yea! I so look forward to our time to talk. Each & everyday I thank God for the internet. I remember Robs' first deployment, back in '92. I would write to him everyday about the most mudane things just to feel connected, but still made it to where he was like a stranger when he came back b/c we had barely spoken for so long. (I'm terrible, I can't remember exactly how long he was gone for, just seemed like he was never home.) After our 17yrs of marriage, all of which as an army wife, (with 6 mos overlap when I was still a soldier,) I can tell you communication during deployments has improved beyond all belief. I always try to remind myself that, esp. when I am frustrated by the bad connection. I am so lucky to have a husband who is my best friend, who supports me in all I do, who loves me completely, who thinks I'm beautiful, who is just such a great husband, father, person & IMO a hottie ;)
I've been trying to eat my lunches as picnics lately, that way I get out of the house & give the me & the dog some exercise. Of course after I told Ivy she was determined we should all go on a picnic. So I promised her we'd walk to the park & picnic there... Rob calling, TTYL!!

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