Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

DARN IT, DARN IT, DARN IT. I put off calling for repair on dryer til today. Total space cadet. So it will be monday or tuesday before they can come out. I waited til payday to call rather than call & schedule for after payday. For Pete's sake, I am getting flakier by the minute I think.

I hate needing to shop on payday. I got moving to late today & was running late with grocery shopping, so ended up stressed beyond belief. I kept the spending down, but made myself crazy. I am so much better at getting stuff done at night, but then can't function in the mornings. Anyway, I had the kids talk to Rob while I was finishing up shopping &, of course, Ivy was getting worked up b/c she needed me to fix her dinner & her make up. I got Zach to make her an egg sandwich & worked on her make-up while I talked to Rob. The boys brought in & put away the groceries. Then they got their costumes on & handed out the candy while I arranged the fridge & freezer, (square peg, round hole time,) & made us dinner. Had basically the same as Ivy, just jazzed up - peppers, onion, mushrooms & monterey jack cheese in the eggs, on wheat w/ mayo. served the last of the inari zushi & some black grapes with it.

Once the trick or treaters finished, I sent the boys to the haunted house. Ivy went to her party before 5:45 & is spending the night at her friends house. It was weird. This is the first time I've been alone on halloween since Robin was born. Got a bit lonely, was glad when they got home. They said the haunted house was great except they got jostled & Zach lost half his allowance. They couldn't find it. Oh well, these things happen.

Well, time to enjoy some time with my boys. We're watching Little Nicky. Good flick. Happy Halloween.

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