Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I lova lova fuzzy wuzzy socks. Chilly a.m., toasty toes. Mmmmmmmm.

Well, I wanted to add the winning trailer Sal edited, but am being boggled by You Tube, so here is the link. It won a competition from Random House. I am so proud.
Now for Katie. No matter what she's already teacher of the year in my book. Yea Katie!!!

"My Greatest Contribution"
"Over the years I have had many students. Sometimes
they will tell me they are in Honors History or want to
pursue a teaching career because of me, and I laugh to
myself ! I don’t know about all that, I don’t know if they
learned tons of History or Geography in my class. But
maybe the part I played was to light a fire. I love my job
and hope it is evident to them! I think the most
important things I can teach them are a love for learning,
how to find the information they need, and how to be
decent humans. To me, the biggest payoff is when they
say hello to me in public, in front of their friends and
parents. Then I know I made a difference!"

"Successful teachers are surpassed by their pupils."

Now I just need Sophia to send me something, like something from her ballroom dancing or face painting. (hint, hint.)

Todaywas a bit slow. Not long after Ivy left for school today, probably around when school started, there was a loud noise & power went out for next few hours. What was odd, was that weather was fine, not sure of the cause. I spent a good chunk of the day sorting through my magazines & books. This morning was cool & Ivy wanted to wear her new sweats, only I hadn't gotten around to hemming them yet, sooooo since it was late day, I went ahead & hemmed them. I won't swear by my seams, but, unless you look really close, you couldn't tell how they look. Sera was being photo cooperative today, so you can kinda see the cloth diaper. Don't fret, I'll still get a how to on here. Just crafting is fun, so I always feel I need to "earn it" by - ugh - cleaning something first. Ends up on the back burner a lot. I actually got pics of our bento's last night. I was awfully sleepy, stayed up too late. Ended up making tea, I really love my tea. Robin got the last, but I needed some for meeeee, (see my drink is empty :( I'm still a novice in bento making, getting better all the time. A big thing I have to work with, is making sure the boys have enough food. Still I love the challenge. Healthy & visually appealing.

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