Monday, October 27, 2008

Icky Monday

I woke today feeling puny. No sure why, but ended up punking out of volunteer work today, I'll go tomorrow. Spent most of the day sleeping. Always a good cure for puniness, good sleep. I felt better by time to make dinner. I got to talk to my honey today!!!!!!! :) His internet was finally working again. Yea! I really really miss him. I think talking to him was the final step to feeling well.
I made curry again tonight. yum. I need to start treating every day as if it was the end of the month & work towards stretching our dollars even when I don't necessarily need to. It would be so much better to regularly budget, sometimes it's hard to resist "retail therapy" though. I just want to get what I want w/o thinking, but that is a very immature view. *sigh* Oh well. But I have been working on making things stretch, especially meat. Takes some thought, but it's not terrible. Just working towards finding other, cheaper ways to fill the bottomless pits that the boys call their stomachs. Such as breads & frozen veggies. I only took a pic. of Ivys' bento tonight. It always ends up the best looking anyway. I think it's b/c it is a better shape to work with. I have the same size/shape, but usually give myself the scraps after cutting the veggies & all. Found I had a partial tub of coolwhip hiding in the fridge, so looked through my supplies & also found a nilla wafer crust, so threw together a banana pudding pie for desert. I need to break the kids, (& myself,) of always wanting desert. But yummy. The pie is a 4 serving vanilla pudding, made according to pkg directions. 2 bananas sliced, a nilla wafer crust & some extra nilla wafers. Layered all & topped w/ coolwhip. Not much of a recipe, but still good. I hope you all had a great day & will TTYT.

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