Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm a bad girl

Ok, I started out ok today, but ended up a lazy bum. My only excuse? Weeeelllll, power went out for a few minutes, but I didn't realize it was back on & got into reading a book. over half finished & wanting to finish it. Really cute, found it at the PX & the description kind of made me think of Janet Evanovichs' Stephanie Plum. So this book is "Stand By Your Hitman" by Leslie Langtry, & let me tell you, I am loving it. For my active duty related military readers, I just found out about free online book lending through military one source. Still in the beginning phase, but a great idea. Hope we can get them to send books to desert, that'd be cool. another reason to pay outrageous amount every month for bad internet connection. No, no. I must be good. We have had decent connection for past few days. So I am not entitled to complain. Darn it. So, any who. I did actually get my filing finished & shredded a bunch of old stuff. Now, just want to make sure, you do know the highlighted, under-lined stuff is links right. Make sure to click for more info on that subject. I'm sorry I didn't get photos on today. Bad, bad girl. I promise to be much better tomorrow. Have to actually leave the house anyway. Did learn, ooooolllllddddd corn meal doesn't make very tastey corn bread. poo. Well, y'all have a good night & I'm going to go finish my book. TTFN ;)

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Katie said...

You need to hurry up and finish that book so you can read some of the books I bought you!!!! How can I talk to you about any of them if you don't read them?? Bad Girl!!