Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Japanophile Origins

Today was a lazy, lazy day for me. I woke up tired. Snuggled with the dog for most of the morning, then talked to mama for a nice chunk of the afternoon. I miss living near my folks. Any way, barely accomplished anything worth mentioning, (very, very tiny bit of cleaning.)

The connection talking to my honey this evening was awful, but we still got to IM, then when we had decided it was too bad & we'd talk again tomorrow, the connection cleared up & we got 30 minutes to talk. Bonus!! Isn't he cute, he went & shaved off all his hair when he got to the desert. I sure do miss him something fierce. Told him, this spring, when he comes home on R & R I'll have to plan out the menu for every day & cook something special every night. Now that I'm back to being a SAHM, I tell him he's my sugar daddy. He ought to get some of the benefits. ha ha.

I've been thinking lately about how did we get started being so fascinated w/ everything asian, but more specifically, Japanese. I finally concluded that I blame Pikachu. I remember when Robin was 4 & came home from school telling Zach about Pokemon. They then proceeded to make me crazy going around saying "pika. pikachu." Ah the good ole days. Then it moved onto Manga, and really got rolling when Ivy was about 4, (I'm starting to see a theme,) and she discovered Hayao Miyazakis' movies. We've been watching a lot anime for some time now, & were curious about the foods and interests we would see. So, I started researching, & exploring bentos & Japanese foods. Of course, I tend to be "inspired & not necessarily true to form, but still, lovely influence.

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