Friday, October 17, 2008

pictures from yesterday

Well, as I didn't get tese pictures on here yest. here they are today.
My goodies from Ichiban Kan. Yea! & my pic-i-nic spot.
Pretty pictures from the path to nowhere.


Katie said...

So what the hell did you buy??? How/why did you get on this kick? What did you get in the box? It looks like a lot of stuff. So, what all are you doing?

Foof4e said...

It’s Happy Fun Japanese Bento stuff!!! Got into the bento’s b/c when we watch anime or read mange, always see them eating those rice balls & out of boxes, so started to look into it. I saw the super cute lunches & was HOOKED! I’m not very creative most of the time in making pictures or things, but I do work on balance & try to add a bit of fun to their lunches, might be a bit more creative, but am making 4 at a time, (gotta make my own lunch too.)