Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy Day

It was a grey, grey, rainy day. I was having a good hair day too, til I went walking. I look forward to when we finally get to Germany & I didn't get such weird looks for walking rather than driving when possible & using my own bags & backpack for purchases. They get annoyed acting at times, esp. at the commissary when I ask them to wait & will use my own bags. If they didn't want to encourage that, then why sell the darn bags. Unfortunately the weather was too icky today both here & in the desert, (not the same ickyness, but still..,) so the connection was awful again. Couldn't get voice to work & then Rob's IM's would be really spaced out so that it was a real challenge to carry on a conversation. A lot of "what are you talking about?" Ah, the challenges of a military marriage. Doesn't really come across in the picture, but the water was just rushing by. Usually completely dry wen I go by. Was almost tempted to go splash, but I was a good girl ;) Sometimes it's hard to resist a good puddle.
I gotta tell you, my contact w/ the FRG rocks!! After a month of nothing, since Rob deployed she got me results right away. I am so pleased. I'm not thrilled about the results, but it's better to know than be in the dark. Soooo, it seems we're still number 2 on the housing list & they are predicting it will be December when we get housing. Blech. I really was hoping to be settled by Christmas, but you take what you get. C'est la vie. So, I went ahead & am starting my Christmas shopping. (Only 1 thing so far, but it is a start.)

As much as I complain, there are a few things I do like about living on FLW. One is taps. I love the sound of taps wafting in the window every night at nine. Some nights are much clearer than others, but I still love the sound none the less. Another thing I really like on this post is the piece of the Berlin Wall over by the commissary. I think it is a very serene place. I feel it is inspiring.

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