Friday, October 17, 2008

Ramblin' Girl

Slow start today, but was busy once I got going. Walked Sera down to pick up the truck at Firestone. Since I needed my arms free to pay, I tied her up to a light post in the grass by the truck. Boy did she make a racket. Could here her inside, I fel terrible, went out once while waiting to holler across to her that it'd be ok. After I paid & came outside, I was immediately concerned b/c she was quiet, even when I called to her. As I came around the truck I found a marine petting her. He didn't rally say anything to me, just gave me an odd look & got up & left. I called a thank you to him & untied the pup. She's not spoiled at all. 1 year old & she still looks like a puppy. Mybaby. So, then we went to the park for lunch and a stroll. Came across alovely gazebo, where we ate our lunch. I really love how the underside of the roof looked. Then when we went walking, we left the regular path & found a hawk. What a magnificent creature! & wegot to get fairly close, probably would've gotten even closer, but Sera was straining to get at it. Never mind the fact that it looked over twice her side & is an untamed predator. She just saw BIRD!

It was amazing how quick the sky started to turn. Especially when it was bright in one direction then turn & very grey. Sera is becoming quite the hunter, you should see her track a grass hopper. Tee hee.
Today had such a great connection, Rob & I got to talk for an hour & a half! Made up for the past few days being so awful. It all just made for a really nice day. Robin was very silly today. They all got their lunches in their new bento boxes today. Aparently the boys think theirs look like purses. Robin didn't care, told his friends it was not a purse, but a "super happy fun lunch time bag." Goofy boy. Zach feels his is "too gay." I miss when he didn't care what other people thought. I found out a secret today from my baby girl. She told me I could put it on the blog, but had to agree not say name & boys, I know you read this, you can't tease her. Ivy has her first boyfriend. My little girl is growing up. He's her age but was left back a year, so is in 3rd grade. He is the brother of a friend of hers. He gave her a hug. I think that's about the extent of it. But, she's getting too grown. Good night my friends

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Rob said...

Well it looks like you and the dog are getting all arounnd post there. Just so you know that there are plenty of places to walk and explore in Germany. you'll have to make sure that you hav the cam with you at all times when you walk there. the connection was great and i hope that we can have the same tonight.

Have a good day and i hope to talk to you later.