Monday, October 13, 2008

seepy tired mama

Today will be short & sweet b/c I am BEAT. I hate my kitchen. It really is akward. My dryer has about had it, & is so energy inefficient. I am tempted to call a repairman, but I'll be getting rid of the washer & dryer when we move. What to do, what to do. I found a solution to buying heavy stuff at the commissary. They had a nice, though plastic, back pack w/ wheels. Then went & picked up milk & sugar at the store & didn't kill myself or my arms on the way home - yea. Sera is a punk & can take her doggy diaper off!!! I'll just have to see if I can tighten it. If only she didn't tinkle every time you come into a room, pet her, say her name... I was a total space cadet about Rob's new shift today. So was cooking when he got online to chat. Of course, Robin was online, so he came to tell me dad's online. Would've worked ok talking, but was a real bad connection today & kept losing voice. Ended up cutting it short. Still spent 3 stinking hours in the kitchen though. I have come up with a new rule for my self. No cookie baking except for on weekends or if necessary early in the day. The cookies are really tastey though. Moravian Spice Cookie recipe from Food Network. It was time consuming & a bit tedious, but worth it. Really good cookie. Also, I finally got my onigiri right. You can not substitute left over long grain rice for med grain rice. It doesn't stick. Now that I have the right kind of rice & got my ice cream sandwich molds, I'm making great rice cakes!!!!! I love it. Also made some meat & cheese pies/egg-rolly things for dinner & lunches using leftovers, came out fantastic. I love enjoying cooking again. Can't wait to get out of this kitchen though. Real counters, not the top of my washer & dryer to prep food. ahh, that'll be so nice. Now, I just need to figure out a good way to send Rob some of these cookies, not sure if they would survive a week & high heat. I don't want to give him botulism. Well, ended up not too short, but hopefully still sweet. Hope y'all's day is great as well.

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