Sunday, October 19, 2008

sewing sunday

Today was a mix of lazy & busy. I had a real hard time getting moving this morning. Ivy had asked if we could sleep on the couch last night, so we did. I was soooo comfy, reclined, peanut curled up next to me & Sera at my feet. Ivy went out to play & ended up going to church w/ our neighbor. I really do need to get us going back to church. I finally got a cloth doggy diaper made. it is sooo cute. I made a bit of a mess on seams, but it was the first one & figured out how to do it right, the next ones will be much easier. I would have pictures, but the camera died & now that it's charged back up, Sera is asleep. The Ohagi is much better second day around & cold. yum. Sorry this is so short today, I'll post how to on the doggy diaper tomorrow. With pictures :)

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