Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in the park

I only had a couple of pictures from yesterday, & didn't end uploading them 'til today, but here is my sweet cuddly boy & a pic of "cat fishing." Caught a cute one.

Mama said she sometimes has problems seeing the pictures on my post, so here is the link to my flickr pics.

We got our picnic today. Yea! Ivy's best friend came with us today. We'll all miss her when we leave, she is a really good friend to Ivy & has great parents too. I was surprised at how busy it was at the park today. So, w/ too many small children & their parents at the park, I didn't play on the playground :( The boys didn't too much either. Oh well. We did have a good time & good picnic. We had planned on walking to the park, but of course I was running late w/ the food. Ended up leaving almost an hour later than planned, so drove to the park & walked once we were there. We did have fun walking around & playing w/ the dog. I had meant to teach Robin how to sew today, but was so tired when we got home, so took a long nap. I'm trying to get psyched for tomorrow. I'm always a bit trepiditious before doing something new, but I know I'll enjoy it once there. It was very windy & cool today, beautiful though. It's started raining tonight, really unexpected. The desert storms knocked out the internet server, but Rob did call today. So all good. I'm a bit rambling tonight, sorry.

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