Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a nice day. Ivy was in a very very sweet mood today. While I was checking my e-mails & doing my usual morning web stuffs, she kept bringing me gifts. Cool things she saw while playing outside. Bonus kisses too. We got some face time in with Rob, last time during the day before he goes onto night shift. Was a really bad connection today, he said a storm was coming in. I wonder what the storms are like over there in the desert. He just said some black clouds were rolling in. Couldn't hardly hear each other, so we cut it short today. But still got to tell each other "I love you."

Decided to work on the back yard today. Repainted this bench, Rob & I had originally made it for the dining table, but as no one ever eats there, I had moved it & was using it as a end tble, store all. I was running out of paint, so it is multicolored. I wanted to repaint it to make sure it was well sealed & the spaypaint is rated for outdoors. So, we have a multi colored bench now. Also moved the patio furniture around a bit & scootched the grill over so it's more central & have a decent pass to the back corner of the yard. It's so funny, I didn't plant anything this year, because we have been expecting to move since July, (darn lack of housing - grr.) Well, this tomato plant, (sorry bad pic.) came back from last year. I'm not sure why it didn't grow until this fall. It was a complete surprise. The sunflowers, (middle pic.,) they have a story though. I had misplaced a large bag of black oil sunflower seed in the shed & found it about a month ago while cleaning. Unthinking, I poured the seed into a couple of containes I keep for seed. I had already taken down my feeders. All cleaned, stored ready to move. But got out my platform feeder & figured I'd just keep filling it until the seed was all gone. Well, it got hot, so I turned on the A/C & aperently made the - ewwwwwww - meal worms hiding in the seed want to find some warmth. Did NOT know they were there til I saw creepy crawly buggies on my cieling. yuck, eww,blech!!! (I sure was missing daddy, he never would'v let my house be infested.) So we had a bug hunt & I dumped the seed out in my garden area. I didn't think they'd sprout. I mean, c'mon. Wrong time of year for things to START growing. So, any who. Working outside is how I spent my day.
Also, got some sweet puppy love this morning. But later, after the millionth time of Sera tinkling on the couch b/c she's excited, I decided that those doggy diapers were worth the money, so I went & picked some up at Wal-Mart. She doesn't like them, but does look pretty funny. Well, hope you all had a great day & I'll chat at you later.

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