Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zombie Chipmunk & Saturday in the Park

Had a really good day today. I wussed out a bit though, decided to drive to the park, then walk the paths some once we got there. If it had just been me & the dog I would've walked from home to the park, but figured it would be tempting fate to try & walk that far & still have everyone get along. I guess I should start with my day yesterday here though to explain my title.

Friday: I had planned to take Ivy to Wal-Mart after school to see if we could find school uniform components that fit her, (khakis & polos,) for when we move (didn't.) She asked to play first so I agreed that she could have 40 minutes. Well, last week I put a tv tray table w/ a blanket in front of the window so the dog & cat could have a window seat. So any way, Sera was sitting in the window whining, watching Ivy playing outside. So I thought I'd let her out to play w/ Ivy. Little did I know there was a chipmunk right outside the door under the truck. When they say dachshunds are hunters, they aren't kidding. She went nuts & completely ignored me. Unfortunately, we couldn't catch her in time. Zach finally caught Sera but she had already caught the chippy & broke it's back. It lived for about another hour. We tried to make it comfortable & prayed for it, but knew it was just a matter of time as it could not move it's back legs & didn't seem to feel anything when touched. So, I dug a grave & when it died we burried it beside the house & topped the grave with stones to hopefully keep animals out. Not sure if that is allowed in housing, but it didn't seem right to not give it a decent burial.
Sera the Killer Chippy the victim

We did go to Wal-Mart still. On the way, stopped for gas & to put air in the tires. Gas is down to $2.88 for reg. - YEA!! Then was a total space cadet. Thank God I didn't try filling the tires to what I thought they needed. I'm still not sure what I was looking at that was so off. I thought it said 180 for the front tires & 200 for the back. They needed the air, but I still over-inflated them a bit, lucky tires get hard to inflate past 55. I really hate messing w/ cars. It was a lot easier when I was youger & cuter. Could always find some nice guy willing to help me out. Oh well. (Yes I did fix the tires after finding out how dumb I was.) That's my adventures for yest. BTW there was a beautiful sunset yest. I felt so privileged to see, unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me & by the time we called home, it was too late for Zach to get a decent pic. Then all last night while I was trying to fall asleep I kept thinking of the chip & envisioning a zombie chipmunk crawling out of it's grave to exact revenge on me & the dog. My boys have a bad influence on me. Wierd little twisted imaginations of teenage boys rub off on you. creepy.
Onto today: We had our face time with Rob (yea!!!) then went to the park. Found out when I went wednesday I missed my destination by just across the street & around behind the baseball field. duh. I really have been spacey lately. We walked down & played some on the playground by where I got lost. Too fun. Then on our walk balk to where we parked to get the picnic, I was being silly & started to sing "the hills are alive..." when Robin pretended to freak out b/c the hills were alive. tee hee. goofy kid. We had our picnic in Coyler Park & the boys were nice & played w/ Ivy a bit more on another playground while I sat & read Ivy's Shojo Beat some (I was pooped.) It was a good day. Had easy peasy dinner. Not the most nutritious, but tastey. Now it's just chill out, watch the tube & let the kids play on the computers. Spoiled punks ;) I sure do love them. Well ta ta for now & love to all. (I is a happy camper.)
couple of pirates looking out into the distance.
why on earth is he wearing a coat??? he thinks he's part reptile.
"the hills are alive!!"
Me & peanut
Never saw a wheel chair swing before, as there was no one else near it, figured why not swing.
I love this picture of me & Zach.
Silly mama

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