Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to school tomorrow

Well, the end of our long weekend. Robin took it easy. bummed around the house. Ivy was out & about as usual. Zach actually was out for a fair bit as well. I started the day walking to drop some stuff off for the thrift store. Took pup-a-dup w/ me & we extended the walk a bit. On the way home my sister called to say happy veteran's day. Said I'm the only vet she could think of to call. Still cool. Sometimes even I forget I was once in. Once something other than mom. Once in shape. Felling pretty rotten about myself again today. Some old crap reared it's ugly head in my life, & old insecurities came out. I am feeling ugly & fat & really really hating me today. It sucks, & is hard to shake. Also once again realized I haven't been taking my meds regularly. Considering I have issues w/ depression when all is well, I need to be more vigilant about taking them right when separated from Rob. I really wish he was here, could sure use his arms wrapped around me. Look at him, he is so cute. I sure do love him. Apparently the radio talking about thanking those who served today was too much for peanut, really missing her daddy again. A little cuddling goes a long way towards healing though.
So, enough w/ the negative for today.

I love how the cast iron cooks, but I hate how hot the handle gets. I made cheesy scalloped potatoes tonight. It has been quite a while since I last made them, so yummy though. (I did mix mozzarella & colby jack for the cheese.) I love using my apple peeler/slicer for potatoes. Not only does it make it easy they also are fun, especially the centers sliced into little dots. Once again used my trusty guide of Better Homes & Gardens. I almost always use recipes exactly for baked goods, but anything else is fair game. Recipes are a suggestion in my book. Follow the recipe exactly maybe 15% of the time if not baked. But that is just me. I do really like BH&G though. Last time I linked to buy, this time, here is their site. Also cooked up some pork chops. The boys have taken a real liking to asparagus, but Ivy does not like it at all. Next I think I'll have them try artichokes. Tomorrows bentos are from tonight's dinner.

Cheesy scalloped potatoes & applesauce in the top. Bottom has asparagus, mayo in the penguin, pork chop pieces & a cpl of choc. chip cookie hearts. The kids chose to all have broccoli instead, so yea me ;)

Zach entertained us tonight by balancing his desert bowl. Goofy. We are so easily amused. I'll leave you tonight w/ some more photos. TTFN.

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Katie said...

You are not fat, old or icky. get over yourself and snap out of it!!! You are a great person (and you have a wonderful sister! LOL) You will see your hubby soon! I know you miss him, hang in there. You can call me or email me more often if you want to. I love you, you know.