Sunday, November 23, 2008

beer can ashtray

from Instructables;
by Walrus Man

step 1: A beer can. CUT IT'S HEAD OFF. Do not cut your fingers.

step 2: Use scissors to cut vertically down the can. Making between 5 and 8 cuts works nicely.

step 3: Bend strips outward at 90 degrees! Pow!

step 4: Cut little bits off the end of the strips. This makes it nice and neat, and easier to fold together.
A quick reminder not to cut your fingers on the can. Those cuts are very thin and very nasty. AVOID!

step 5: Fold strips like so! Tuck the last one underneath the first to avoid unnecessary strip-flapping shenanigans.

step 6: THERE IS NO STEP 6
Assemble your equipment and prepare yourself for REVOLUTIONARY NEW SMOKING EXPERIENCE.

step 7: END
Don't forget to wash your hands! Ta!

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