Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doggy Diaper

OK, I know, it's about time I got this one here. If I procrastinated any more, would start going backwards. So...... here we go.

Now, I took the pictures, while teaching Robin to sew, so some of the pics are of the one I was working on & some are of his.

Materials: waterproof bed pad, absorbent cloth (I used an old baby blanket,) outer cover fabric (as there is no longer a fabric supply here that I know of, I used bandannas,) velcro, 2 pieces of thick elastic & 2 of thin

First step is to use an existing, disposable diaper to create a pattern. Not sure how else to tell you, as that is how I did it & dogs are different sizes. As most of you know, I happen to have a small dog. An excitable, spoiled, miniature long-haired dachshund named Sera. My baby.

Next, cut cloth to 3 x's as wide as pad on disposable diaper & fold 3 times to make good absorbant pad. Sew on using zigzag stitch. Mark places using baught diaper as template.

As Wal-Mart here no longer has fabric, I used bandana's, plus, I have a ton of them. Now, I'm not the greatest seamstress, too impatient to do it right, I want it right now, but I do get better each time.

So, instead of trying to get outer fabric just right, I cut to approximate size & sewed on, then trimmed to half inch out, so there is room for a seam. I just cut an X in the tail hole.

Once seams are ready, fold in twice & pin in place, then sew it on.

Inside is not too pretty, but you can see the seams & more importantly, it blends in w/ final fabric. Plus it's for pee, so not a big deal on how it looks.

I was also stitching around the inner pad again to help hold in place, but that affects the water proof-ness, (I know, it's not a word, but this is my tutorial, so I can make up all the words I want.)

After all seams are sewn on, it is time for velcro. Need loopy fuzzy side on the butt, mid point between edge & tail hole.

I created tabs from the fabric scraps, made them just a bit widerthan the hooks from velcro. I used a piece of velcro equal to that on the back, cut it in half & then turned those halves sideways for the tabs.

Sewed tabs on in reinforced zigzag, similar to button hole.

Most of this diaper was created from stuff I already had so it is very flexible.

top & bottom, each have 4 inch piece of 1" think elastic. stretched out to 2 inches in on either side.
Again using zigzag stitch, reienforced the ends.

Sides (legs) 4 inch piece of very narrow elastic, maybe 1/4". Not exactly sure on measurements, just eye-balled it.

Here is the finished product. Hope this helps.

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