Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Feast Day

Today was the family feast at Ivy's school. I waited w/ her class in particular her friend Tiera (sp?). Silly girl even more wild than Peanut. She said they might be going to visit family in NC for Christmas too. I said, "Really? Where?" Turns out her family is in Winston-Salem also. What a small world. I told her if they do go for Christmas, we'll have to get them together. Go to McDonald's or something.
I spent the morning going through all my holiday boxes. I got out some smaller decor, not going full blown since we'll be moving, but have to have something up til we leave. Also, I needed to find Rob's ornaments to send to him. I'll spend the next week getting his box(es) ready to mail before Thanksgiving, to be sure to be there on time. So, it is time to get baking & crafting. Gotta get busy busy. Also, really need the darn truck to sell. If anyone knows good advice for advertising, or who wants a good truck, let me know.

Sera found herself a nice warm patch of sun to sleep in while I sorted. Sometimes I really do think she thinks she's a cat. If only she'd use a litter box to potty in & not as a snack box - YUCK. The poor Catamia has to squeeze under my kitchen cart to get to her litterbox, b/c nothing else woked to keep Sera out. For such a little dog, she can JUMP.
I found the turkey hat, will need to get a better picture, but for now...
Where does the evening go? I make lunches, clean the kitchen & write in here & next thing I know it is after midnight. Good grief. I need to start that stuff as soon as Ivy goes to bed so that I can get done sooner. Oh well. here's wednesday's bento.
steak rolls, stuffed w/ left over potato innards & cheese from potato skins & green beans, w/ extras on the side.
frozen fruit & mini fruity marshmallows. fruit chews & ritz crackers. Not the best bento, but not terrible.
Day 5. I am thankful for my silly little dog. She is a bit of a pest, but she makes me laugh & loves me unconditionally. She is my fuzzy little 4th child & I love her dearly.
Good night all & ttfn

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