Friday, November 28, 2008

fleece socks

I have been looking all over the web for a free fleece sock pattern, but can not find one w/ pattern pieces or quite what I'm looking for. I did find this... nice tutorial, no pattern though. I for one, really need a pattern. I tend to make a mess without one. As most of y'all know there is no sewing or crafting place around here. No where to buy patterns, (damn you Wal-Mart for getting rid of the sewing section.) So, I found a PDF pattern for sale on Etsy & the transaction was nice & smooth, had the pattern in my email when I woke this morning.
The computer had m in a fit again today. The desktop as I said has been having issues. The disc drive is all wonky, bu when the boys were messing w/ it, trying to fix it, they unplugged the printer from te computer. I have been going nuts today trying to figure out what is wrong w/ this thing. Really, throwing a lovely little fit, esp after buying all new inks. Then happened to notice cord was loose, tugged at it & it came right up. not connected. grr. *sigh* I'm ok now.
The weather must be bad in the dessert tonight, no contact at all from Rob & theonly reason that would happen is if his internet was down. I just hope he didn't frustrate himself too bad.
Tonight is Danielle's Pampered Chef party, So I'm looking forward to a nice evening. Iplanon relaxing when I get home, so am going to go ahead & post this. Good day one & all. :)

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