Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Day

Well, today was a great day. So enjoyable. Had a lazy morning, then talked to Rob. After that, Zach & I started some bread, by hand - no bread machine this time, then we walked to the commissary. Ivy had originally been the one to want to make bread, but as usual, she is a social butterfly & spent the day w/ her friends. Mostly outside, which is amazing, since she is the first to complain about it being cold, & boy was it cold. My ears were so cold, Zach switched coats w/ me on the way home b/c his had a hood. What a good boy. When we got home, I called Ivy & Marissa over to finish up the bread. Then I helped the girls make chocolate ship cookie bars, which came out great!!! I set some split peas to soaking last night & tonight I made split pea soup. Yummy, All the recipes today were from my old stand by for recipes - Better Homes & Gardens. I did change up the soup a bit though. Used the recipe as a guideline, I used smoked sausage rather than ham & was more generous w/ the veggies & spices. Ivy loved it!!!!! I think we're done w/ the soup hatred. Thank God!!! I do know not to try thin soups though, but I prefer thicker soups/stews myself.

The girls started working on their Christmas gifts for us mom's today. They are creating a storybook. I have the boys ready to help them as well, when all is said & done, we will order the books printed online. I'm real excited.

Zach was very silly today, I actually captured a pic of the rare smiling dancing boy.

Almost fell asleep early again tonight, had to switch to less comfy seat. I'm really not sure why I am so tired lately.

I really have been slacking, here is Friday's bento.

Left side is a dish based on recipe from magazine mom gave me years ago. It is navy beans, 1 bag spinach, sausage, 1 can stewed tomatoes, chicken stock, splash of white wine, salt & pepper. Cooked down to casserole type consistency. yummy. Topped with rye & pumpernickel buttered leaves. Right side has pumpkin mochi, green grapes & cheddar cheese. The boys said that it was a light lunch & still hungry. Hmmmm, will have to work on a bit extra.

I was browsing my blogs today & found this really cool link for free paper toys. Please check it out, it is extremely artistic.

Well, I am beat & head hurts, so that is my cue for bed. Goodnight one & all.

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