Thursday, November 27, 2008


I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. Even with the joint effort of me & the kids, did not get done packaging cookies for Rob & his friends until about 12:30am. So there went my determination to get the boxes mailed before Thanksgiving. One of these days I'll get organized, I can't seem to be on time for anything. Rob has a tendancy toput some things off, but he always gets us on time. Keeps me from being perpetually a day late & a dollar short. I have a small fortune in packages to send to Rob tomorrow. The pie is done, but had a small accident, looks awful but will taste great. The turkey is in the oven & the sides are ready to go, so am able to work on other things. I found Katie's blog today, super cool. The big turkey day dinner came out wonky this year. Tasty, but not picture matierial. Started the rolls too early, poor Ivy, mama set her up for failure there. Didn't mean to. The rolls rose waaaaayyyyyy to much. Sera was silly yesterday. Stole my seat, I said "scootch" & she only moved a bit to the right. Had to pick her up to move her. Silly puppy. But I think she was sleepy. Look at that face. We wen tto the commissary yesterday for a few things, & look what they had. My favorite peppermint ice cream. I was so excited, the kids started teasing me. Now that we've eaten & the kitchen is clean, Ivy & I are chilling on the couch & the boys are upstairs on the electronics. Enjoy your Thanksgiving no matter where you are & who you're with.
I'm thankful for my friends & family & their health & well being. God has truly blessed us.

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