Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm a mess

My sleep schedule is now officially a mess. The past 2 nights, when I lay down, cough the night away. I can't seem to shake this cough. It's a dry annoying cough that keeps me awake. I think I got an hour of sleep before the alarm went off. Ugh. Had a nap this morning, but I'm still beat. I need to finish the boxes for Rob so I can send them tomorrow. I have everything ready, just have to pack it up. But as it's gifts, that includes wrapping. I want to use fabric this year though to wrap, which makes it a bit more complex. The kids are off for the rest of the week. No big plans, other than the turkey. The cookies came out spectacular!Now I just have to get them out before they tempt me past endurance. I kept it simple this year for Christmas cookies: Oatmeal scotchies, (recipe on back of package of butterscotch chips - Rob's favorite,) Ginger snaps & Peanut butter cookies, (both from Betty Crocker Cookbook.) So no cut outs. Gas is down to $1.63 - flabbergasting. I finally made Ivy a red cape. As I'm always having her deliver the goodies I bake, we both felt it was only proper for her to have a cape. I used some red fleece that I had & this pattern I found online. A bit small, (due to not enough fabric,) but cute. I set beans out to soak last night, but didn't really look at the recipe. Takes 4 hours. Yikes, so I guess we'll have soup tomorrow. Hotdogs tonight. My camera is having issues, as told by this pic of a ladybug. I keep finding these ladybugs all over the house. wanted to take a close-up, but no matter what setting I tried, I could not focus on the bug :( Believe it or not, I am actually tired, so I will leave you all tonight & one of these days I'll get the tutes up on tin work. Good night, God Bless & talk to ya'll tomorrow.

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