Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's not broken!

I had intended to just finish up the previous entry, but felt needed it's own. Had a longish afternoon/evening. After picking up Ivy from scouts, the kids & I headed out to Wal-Mart. Got the boys hair done. Zach just got a trim - shaped it up a bit. Robin on the other hand got his C U T!
After spendoing too much time & money at Wal-Mart, we headed home. Late dinner, watched some TV. Ivy fell asleep on the couch. Tried to get her to go to bad, but NO. Not tired. Being ornery tonight. After a couple more tries & another hour, finally stood her up & got her headed to bed. This is where the lesson for the evening comes in... Sleeping 9 yr olds & tall beds don't mix. She was standing there in la la land, not moving, I bent down to get her clothes off the floor when her brain decided it was finally time to jump into bed. That is when her knee met my face. Thought my nose was broken. Knocked me silly. She fell asleep. Still doesn't even know I went to ER. Nose swoll up & turned nice shade of purple. It may be my favorite color, but not for my skin. So, my sweet cheufer drove me to the ER, swelling making the boys nervous & I was still dizzy. Anyway, after they looked at me & took some x-rays, determined it is NOT broken, but will have lovely bruises, & need to use ice to keep the swelling under control.
What I was doing anyhow, but nice to know the crooked look to it is just the swelling. Poor Ivy, she's having a bit of a rough day. She dropped my camera, is missing her daddy & sad b/c the holidays are almost here & "holidays are a time for family & daddy won't be with us." Then she whopped me in the face. She'll feel awful when she wakes up & wants to know what happened. The boys say it looks worse than the camera portrays, good I guess. So I leave you all for tonight. It is once again ,way too late. So, ttfn.

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