Monday, November 17, 2008

The Network is FIXED!!! :D

Hurray!!!! I can print again. Thank you, thank you, thank you baby!!! Rob talked me through fixing the networking issues. I was once again being a blond. I just needed to reinstall the network key. Duh. So at least it was an easy fix & I can print what I need.

I took Sera to get groomed today. She was over due for her nails to be trimmed, I nicked her nail last time I trimmed them, so took her in for professional. It has been a loooooong time since I've been to Rockytop Pet Grooming. They expanded! They were already nice, but they are really nice now. I was impressed & they have a nice selection of smaller pets. No cats or dogs that I could see, but they had ferrets, bunnies, birds, rodents, snakes, fish & more. And they had kong! Yea. Sera had lost her kong after we got back this summer & I haven't been able to find anywhere around here that carried them. So I was so tickled when I saw them & replaced it. She is having a blast, has been playing w/ it all day.

I stayed up way late last night, but had a great time talking to grandma. 3 hours of talking, so cool. I gave the boys left over Chinese food from last night for tomorrow's bento. Tomorrow is the Family Feast at Ivy's school so we didn't need a lunch. I forgot to take a picture though. Oh well.
The nose is feeling better, still achy & hurts to smile too big or laugh, but otherwise ok. Also can't wear my glasses comfortably, so if I can avoid it I'm not wearing them. Ivy lost another tooth. She is trying to put me in the poor house latelt. Too bad can't leave quarters anymore, kids get a dollar each time.
Well, I'm rambling & think it's time to say good night. ttyl.

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Rob said...

Hey babe, glad that I could help you out. At leadt it was something easy this time. Tell Ivy that is it, no more loosing teeth.
Have a goodday and i will talk to you later.