Saturday, November 8, 2008


I missed a day! Yikes, so sorry. The kids & I were snuggled up watching TV, Ivy was curled into my side & the 2 of us were out by 9pm. I woke up when Robin came back downstairs, (no idea when he & Zach left,) for a water.

Another fairly uneventful day. Didn't take any pictures, spent the day at home. It was very cold today. Even though The windows were closed, it was 55 in the house, so time to turn on the heat. So, of course, now too warm for me. Blech. The boys & I watched Evolution tonight. I had forgotten how silly it was. Ivy spent the evening over at the neighbors, had dinner there & played, so it was me & the boys tonight. Ivy finally gave Sera her overdue bath today. I love how Sera is with her baths. Such a silly dog. She is soooo still for her bahs, but as soon as she is done - wow. It's like she is on speed. Runs all over the house, playing with anything in her path. Barking & jumping & racing around. Just so funny. Since Ivy wasn't here & I had nothing planned for dinner, I made eggs tonight, w/ peppers, mushrooms, onions, sausage & cheese. yum. Also, had brussel sprouts in the fridge, so sauteed them up, mmm, mmm. Otherwise, didn't do much today. Very uneventful, other than talking to my honey. Yea.

Well, we're going to watch Starship Troopers now, tomorrow will be more interesting. We're going to make bread & work on sewing lessons. Have a great night & day :)

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