Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random thoughts

I woke this morning feeling much better. Zach made us waffles. Yea! & Sera is being extra cuddly. Robin spoiled it by being in a mood most of the day. Grr. Wish he wouldn't stay up so late or be so sarcastic & snippy the rest of the day. Oh well. Went for a walk to the store to get away, Zach went w/ me & Ivy was out playing. He was being much nicer when we got home, turned sour again tonight though. Needs to go to bed.

#? I am thankful for fuzzy socks. I love soft fuzzy socks, they are comforting & cozy & make me happy, I especially love my knee high fuzzy socks. Who ever made these warm bundles of goodness was a genious.

I have a few random thoughts running through my head today.

Reasons to not let your daughter move into your bed when daddy is gone:

#1 it's dangerous, remember my nose & concussion.
#2 she has no problem telling you & everyone else exactly how loud you snore.
#3 she steals all the covers.
#4 she squirms. A lot.
#5 you get up to use the bathroom & when you come back she has somehow taken over the ENTIRE bed.

#1 reason to let her sleep with you, she is a superb cuddler.

I have been trying to find how to's for soda can crafts online & keep hitting a wall. The ones I can find, people want money for. I will share the freebies I find on here, if you know of any, please share. I am trying to find models that Rob can do in the dessert since he doesn't have access to much there, figure can crafts is something he'll always be able to get materials for, keep him from getting bored. I will start posting reprints from other sources, as I get permission.

Are you looking for handmade gift ideas & tutorials? Go check out Sew Mama Sew.

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