Sunday, November 2, 2008

sewing & baking sunday

Did you all remember to set your clocks back? Really threw me this morning, but all good now. I have a recipe for pumpkin mochi that I am dying to try out, but had all those pears that were going to turn if I didn't take care of them quick, so made a dbl batch of pear bread, & still had about 3 cups of diced pears left. So plenty of bread for us & to share. Came out yummy. Most of the way done on 2 more doggy diapers. I am using the creation of them as a sewing lesson for Robin. He aked me to teach him how to sew & I figured it was a great place to start. Complicated enough to be a
challenge. But as it is a diaper, who cares if there are any messy seams. He is doing very well though. Would have completed them if I wasn't so busy in the kitchen. We had burritos for dinner tonight. Had originally thought to make Ratatouille tonight, but I need to borrow the movie first. Have to watch it, when we eat it.

The recipe is out of the newest issue of Craft:, & it is beautiful. If you go to craft, you can read some pages of the digital edition of the current magazine, (they also have plenty of great free projects & a wonderful newsletter/blog.)

For modays bento I used tonights leftovers.Bean dip: refried beans, olives, cheese salsa. Shredded lettuce, zuccini & yellow squash stars w/ mixed bell pepper sprinkles. Mayo cup filled w/ sour cream. next layer is spanish rice w/ corn & bit of salsa mixed in, topped w/ colby-jack cheese star. Corn chips. Kit kat as sweety, from halloween stash.

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