Monday, November 3, 2008

Theme night

It has been a while since we have had a theme night, & normally it would be on the weekend, but we're overdue & off. The pears took forever to peel & dice last night, so tonight was Ratatouille night & I loved it.

First time I have ever made ratatouille. First time eating it as well actually, as far as I know. The kids, primarily Ivy, do get kind of funny w/ vegetarian meals. Lord forbid there is no meat for dinner. The boys really aren't too bad, but Ivy is such a pest about it, it seems as if they are all fussing. Oh well, she'll out grow it one day as well. I remember how awful the boys were when they were little, at least she has never made herself sick as they used to when they were very young. Please check out the link for the recipe, it is so beautiful, a piece of art as well as a delicious recipe. I will say though that as usual, I have to fuss around w/ stuff, so every time it called for this or that vegetable, I added both as well as all the suggestions. So very very good. Theboys say they like the food as much as the movie, Ivy says she likes the movie much better.

My dryer is fixed! hurray! Now just one more step & I'll be golden. Tomorrow housing is coming out to clean out the vent, which is what killed my dryer in the first place. oh well. I finished another doggy diaper today & actually am ready to blog about it, but have decided to wait til in the am, as I want to try & get some sleep for a change. I walked down to the post office today & mailed off Rob's most recent box. I'm crossing my fingers that the muffins get there ok & he can eat them, but if not, well at least I'll know. He is under strict orders (you hear me babe?!?) not to eat the muffins if he is in any doubt as to if they're ok. It was a beautiful day & I love all the fall colors. mmmmm. here is a sampling of my walk...
I kept out a bit of ratatouille & rice for the kids lunches & will add mini sandwiches of rye & pumpernickel w/ cream cheese & pepperoni. Also black & green grapes. I'll add a pic later.

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