Monday, November 24, 2008


Finally! Praise God! Hallelujah! Rob sent this pic from one of his buddies wives, just a few days ago. We will have housing in Bamberg on December 8th. Then the fun of a move begins. Ugh. Never had to do this on my own before. Always had Rob to take care of the details. Not looking forward to that. The timing however works out fine for us to go home for the holidays. A nice send off. I'm still hoping to sell the truck before we leave & rent something a bit roomier. I've been in a baking kind of mood. Which works well,since I need to get Robs packages sent. Yesterday I decided to make pizza dough by hand rather than in the machine. There is something therapeutic about working the dough, but you need to be up to it. I have spent ALL evening in the kitchen making cookies to send to Rob & his buddies for their Christmas presents. They can open them early, but something nice for those guys. Plus I have a ton of Girl Scout Cookies to send. The post office is going to either love or hate me. love for the money & hate for the amount of work. I wish I was more of a morning person, but I just can't seem to get going til afternoon. Then can work like a dervish until super late. Oh well. Take advantage of when I can do good work. I learned another interesting thing today. Don't keep your camera in your apron pocket when making cookies, or it ends up w/ cookie dough in all the crevasses. Not sure how, but it does. I wore my favorite fuzzy socks today. I love them , but they are about shot :( Don't know where I'll find another pair like them. I guess I need to learn how to knit my own.
#whatever: Today I am thankful for my ridiculously expensive shoes. (& for my honey for having bought them for me this summer.) They are MBT's. Therapeutic type odd shoes. I am too damn fat & my feet had been killing me when I went for longish walks. Now I can take my fat rear on daily walks minimum of 4 miles & they don't hurt. They are sooooo nice. So I may be fat, but I'm healthy. haha. (Don't get mad babe, you don't think so, but I am too fat.)

Today's Bento:
top: cream cheese dip, ritz crackers.
bottom: salad under all, piece of monterrey jack on top & tomato wedge holding penguins in place. Penguins, got the idea from some magazine, unsure which. 2 olives, cut wedge from bottom olive & put in center to hold head on, used cream cheese dip as filling, (before adding pepperoni,) pepperoni beak & dots of cream cheese for eyes. broccoli florets, zucchini & squash candy canes.
Jackies Cream Cheese dip: softened package of cream cheese, 1 small tub of sour cream, bunch of pepperoni - diced, & handful of chives, chopped. yum.

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