Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There were a couple of things yest I had wanted to share & just spaced out on. Seems to be a problem w/ me.
First. I am always amazed at the weirdness of many institutions. There is a book that was lost. I am sure I turned it in to the library drop box this summer, but it disappeared. So I have been renewing it to search the house & the library for it. I have finally given up & went to pay for it, only to be told they do not accept cash, check or credit. You have to pay w/ a gift card from the PX. How bizarre is that.

Second. We had our first snow of the season last night. I lasted just a minute or so & was extremely light, but it really did snow. I tried to get a picture, but in the time it took for me to walk in the house, get the camera & go back out, it was gone. If Robin hadn't gone out to let the dog in & hollered for us to look we would have missed it. But it is always exciting, the first snow.

Onto today. I have a real Love/Hate relationship with socks. I love socks, all kinds, but the funkier the better. But I hate sorting socks. Hate hate hate having to match & fold & put away. So much so that I put it off & just toss them into a basket until the kids start complaining they are out. Which is where the problem actually lies. It's the males in my family with their boring socks that makes it such a problem. Oh well, at least it is something I can do while watching Martha.
I started on my list today of Christmas cards & gifts. A bit of a late start, but finally getting more of an idea of when we'll be going, so a bit more settled.
Thursdays Bento:
burrito, spanish rice.
tropical fruit, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, cucumber,sour cream in mayo container.
jello w/ cool whip

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