Thursday, November 6, 2008


I decided today to post blog before making lunches, so no excuses! I have just been so tired lately. I went with Danielle on the girls class field trip to the capital building in Jefferson City. We had a good time. I am so tickled to be just about caught up on the pile up of laundry, it is all fixed & the vent was terrible. The work order guy had to go up under the house or something, said it was really bad, looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years. The thing is, b/c of how it's situated, it's not like it's possible for you to do on your own & housing doesn't take care of it w/o getting called. What a mess, but now that the vent has been cleaned & my heating element replaced, I can dry my clothes in one cycle. Hurray! Today, they fixed the latch on our screen door. replaced it with one just as old looking as the one that broke, but it works, so who am I to question it. I'm all for recycling, just would think they'd give it a fresh coat of paint or something. Oh well. Found out yesterday that even though the permission slip for teen to give blood says it is good for one year, you have to fill out a new one each time. I thought that was why they got the donor cards. Not sure now what the point of those are for. Hmm, so had to run out to the high school to sign a permission slip for Robin, but it was definitely worth it, I am really impressed with his attitude towards giving blood. He is so proud to do it. Kinda cool. I finally found another fabric shop, (quilting supply, but fabric is fabric,) & they are closing up. Yeesh. I took a bunch of pictures today, but they didn't come out very good. I think I need to get my camera serviced. Obviously I can't clean it well enough. Boo.
Tuesday I got a fair amout accomplished. I went through the mountain of stuff in my mending/ scrap pile. Never should have ended up combined in the first place, but always easy to see what I shouldn't have done. So, anyway, I have been saving things that I like the fabric, or think I might can use. I had an old toilet bowl rug that I was no longer using, so I cut off the legs & made it a sit-upon. Then looked at the legs & thought - Ah! dog toy. Ivy says it looks like a fiend. Sera doesn't play w/ it much though, I think it's too big for her. hmmmmm, might have to give to someone w/ a larger dog.
I finally made the pumpkin Mochi. yum yum. Only thing is that it has a different texture than you'd expect. Very chewy. I'm thinking must be b/c of the rice flour, but once you get around the unexpected texture, it is great. I got the recipe here:

Be bold & give it a try, you might just like it. One tip though, do not cut it while it is warm/hot. messy looking, once it is cool it slices up beautifully, but we couldn't wait to try it.
While working in the kitchen though, we made a discovery. You can boost radio reception in our kitchen very well using a shredder. Also makes it very handy when you need. We wasted a good 5 - 10 minutes playing with our discovery. Put the shredder on the antenna & radio comes in, take it off and fuzz. put it halfway on & move it around & make interesting static. Yes, we are easily amused.
Was a funny kitchen day anyway. Apparently, when I decided to use bread machine to make dough for meat pies, I looked at recipe for 1 hour loaf, rather than standard recipe & it called for quite a bit of yeast. Wow, it blew up inside the machine. Aaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ooooooooooooooveeer. What a mess, & soooooo yeasty, but I needed in more flour & worked it & it was beautiful. Only kept the yeastyness. Smelled like a brewery. I ended up w/ enough dough left after making 2 trays of meat pies to make a small loaf. I was very good. I told Ivy we could make bread this weekend. Will do by hand, from scratch. Wednesdays bento was meat pies (bread dough formed around burger & potato mixture w/ seasonall, sauteed onions, garlic & perppers,) baby carrots & broccoli, ranch in the penguin. grapes, pastel mini marshmallows & toasted pecans, plus ketchup in small red mayo container b/c she felt meat pie needed dip.

Today, Ivy & I had lunch w/ the field trip at Ryans, I love their glazed baby carrots. I am getting tired & still need to make lunches, so talk to y'all soon.

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