Sunday, November 30, 2008

Woooo Hoooo!

Couple of bites on the truck, the one I talked to is very interested. I think we'll have it sold in no time. So cool. Then can rent a nice station wagon or van to go home. Ahhh, room. It has been snowing off & on all day. Not sticking as of 2:23pm. Supposed to snow tomorrow as well. It' nice & cold, so going to finish off soup tonight. Yum! Rob's internet is stinky today & we kept getting kicked off. :(

Worked on my usual pile 'o stuff today. (I swear it procreates overnight.) I can never seem to make the clutter disappear. There is always something I need to go through. Had a great time at Danielle's party last night. The only problem is that now, there is too much I want. I have to be good though. Trying to get the kids interested in buying something for me for Christmas ;)


Crud, it's LATE! I still have to make lunches & sat here spacing it. Have been sorting through crafts stuff. Got my stuff gone through, but got side tracked in craft supplies. Ah, sweet addictive crafts. Esp. origami. I love origami. Esp using recycled catalogs w/ purty pics. Have you ever made the chinese wishing stars? Folding Trees has a great tutorial.

I am thankful for free catalogs. I love home window shopping, esp here where there aren't many shops. I know I can look at stuff online, but I really like having something physical to hold. (Now before you feel too bad for the companies, I do occasionally buy stuff.)


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