Saturday, November 15, 2008


I had planned on being productive today. I really did. At least I got dressed. The giggle girls were a bad influence on me. What is it with kids & wanting to stay up all night. I had stopped watching tv & was browsing online. Next thin I know it's the middle of the night, & I could barely remember the time passing. Now, I am sleepy. Serves me right. It is so easy to lose track of time, is actually something we all need to be aware of. There are so many pleasant time wasters. I just need to work on being better.

It is COLD today. 34 F. The weather is so crazy 20 degree difference in the high btwn yesterday & today. Actually saw hail, (the tiny stuff that makes me think of styrofoam balls,) on my way home from dropping Ivy off at scouts.

Poor Zach is sickly. He's been feeling a bit puny for a few days now, but he is so sniffly & stuffy & coughing. My poor baby. Ivy has been saying her ear hurts too, but only at night & first thing in the morning. As soon as she gets going, I don't hear a peep about it. Not sure if it's completely b/c she doesn't feel it or b/c of my rule. "No playing with your friends if your sick. No running, no wildness. Rest!" The boys are fine w/ that rule, but not Little Miss Social Butterfly. Need to see what I have on hand, I am thinking curry or soup of some sort for dinner.

It's getting hard again to figure out what to use up or what to buy. Last I heard, housing should be available beginning of December. I am hoping we can clear out of here & go home for Christmas. I would love to spend Christmas w/ my folks. It is such a rough time to move & all our Christmas decorations would be in transit anyway. So I am praying, praying, praying they'll let us fly out of Greensboro after the holidays. Also praying the truck sells soon for what we're asking. Could really use the money. Then would just rent a car or something to get home.

Agh, day 2 & I almost forgot already. It is so easy to be negative, hard to be positive. But I a trying. So, here goes:

#2 I am thankful for the Army. As much as I complain & say I hate it, I really don't. I just hate the situations it puts us in. I am thankful for the guaranteed job & paycheck Rob provides for our family from the army.I know we will always have a roof over our heads & food in our bellies & health care. There are many things we have to sacrifice for those things, but we will never go without the necessities of life.

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