Monday, December 8, 2008

Exhausted - Mentally & Physically

I did it to myself. Was running late to my appt today, so really booked it. 2 miles or so in 20 min. Walking. I am not in good enough shape for that to work. ick. Got Ivy her Ipod today, she is thrilled. Will be a major relief for the traveling & living out of suitcases. Everyone can now go off in their own little world & get a semblance of privacy. The packers came by today to get a loose inventory/idea - what ever. Anyway, they requested to start pack up on friday. Yikes. Said ok, but leave out tv, & sewing machine. It's all going super quick. My wrist is still bugging me & I'm getting tired of wearing this brace, keeps hitting things on the computer & turning stuff on. Ugh. I did take some pics today, but forgot where the camera is (I think it's in w/ all my paperwork, but too tired to go digging.) Hope everyone is well. TTFN

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