Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am in my usual monthly grump. Feel prickly, & sleepy. Oh well, the joys of womanhood. The truck is garnering amazing responses. Should have it sold in no time. I'll be glad when all this, (truck, clearing, move,) is over & done w/. Starting to feel overwhelmed, but what else is new. I have a huge jumble of projects in the works. Christmas presents, so can't show y'all much. I need to get the sewing & printing stuff done before we pack out. I hate thinking too much about the move, makes me feel almost ill. The snow is gone. Didn't last long at all.

I just wasted the last hour or so watching YouTube videos. I blame Zach. He sent me one by Mike Mozart of Jeepers Media & I was hooked. Soooo funny. If you want to get a giggle & can restrain yourself from watching too too much, head on over & check it out.
The book fair stuff is running late, hopefully can set up tomorrow. I do have to get my sewing & crafting done while I can. I know these posts have been less than satisfying lately - sorry. Might have to go invest in a good chocolate bar, or maybe double my dose of prozac. Either way, have to cheer up. Really want to decorate to get in the season, but is just stupid w/ move so imminent. Oh well. Have a good night & should be better tomorrow.

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