Friday, December 5, 2008

Hoofin' It

Well, thank God. The truck sold, so now we are hoofin' it or if absolutely necessary, can take a cab :( I'm very thankful to have sold the truck, basically for asking price, just minus repairs suggested by Seeger Toyota. So a good deal all around. I'm happy. Now need to see about rental to get home.

I am crafting & sewing like there's no tomorrow, but I can't post any of it as it's Christmas presents & I don't want the recieving parties to be privvy to their presents. (You know who you are.) I did get Ivy's pants hemmed though & turned a pair of hand-me-down jeans & a too small skirt from goodwill into an adorable skirt.

I'm very annoyed w/ the Army. Can't fly out of Greensboro & the ppl who were getting my tickets & passports were quite rude about it too. Could've avoided being snotty, oh well. So will have to make our way back to St Louis to fly out. I need to find a good deal on a nationwide rental or on plane tickets.

Nothing else to add right now, take care & TTYL

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