Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's late

Ok, it's very late & I have a busy day ahead of me. Today I was bad & stayed in. slept most of the morning, but have been working on Christmas presents since this afternoon. We now have housing, hence my busy day tomorrow. So am going to innitiate the move tomorrow, Esp w/ the High School, b/c the guy who wants the truck will be here Fri. Today the weather reflected how I felt perfectly, blah. The ton o' crafting for Christmas I have to get done quick.
doggy lovin
snow = pretty rain = :(

soup I made last week. Yummy, used 15 bean mix, did not use their spices. can tomatoes, sausage, cooked & diced, onion & garlic, basil salt & pepper. celery, not sure what all else. The simmer forever.

yesterday's bento:

half a mini bagel w/ veggie cream cheese, zuccini slices, grapes & small brownie.

half a hard boiled egg, 7 little smokies, carrot & squash, baby bel guoda. cranberry/raspberry apple sauce.

today's bento:

peanuts, chocolate/peanut butter chips, fruit gushers, baby carrot halves.

mini bagel w/ veggie cream cheese, zuccini sticks, hard boiled egg & colby jack cheese.


KatieRay said...

What is the pig???

KatieRay said...

pigs, why pigs? and how do you do that???