Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rentals ?! & cool site

Ken gave me & Ivy a ride up to St Louis to pick up the rental today. The kids had a snow day toay. Not actually snow, just ice. For the most part the roads were fine, not sure why they didn't just have a delay. Ended up having a nice mommy daughter day though. The boys had no interest in going w/ us, so was just Ivy & I. After picking up the rental just had to stop at Target, but then also saw that across the street there was a Hobby Lobby :D Couldn't help myself, it had been 6 months since I had last been in a craft store, so spent waaaaaayyyyyyy too much time ther, but had a good time, then kept it short at Target. I miss having stores around to browse. Any who, the rental. It's nice, but costs more than I had originally was quoted online b/c for some reason my reserved vehicle was not available. What is the point of reserving a car, then calling to check if they don't have it when you get there. Ugh. Ended up getting an SUV instead. Mercury Mountaineer. It is nice, but really had been shooting for less money. Of course, nothing ever runs completely smoothly, esp. during a move.
I found the coolest site today through one of the blogs I follow. It is called Dumpr, & you can create all kinds of cool photgraphic effects. Even better, it's free. Love the sketch & 70's looking effect. Not sure which I like better. Well, it's late & still have a ton of stuff to accomplish tomorrow, so ttfn.

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