Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Workin' on the 'puter

Katie has this Civics Test linked on her blog. There was an article in the Tampa Tribune.
"The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%."
I did better that that, but am not to thrilled w/ my score. 63.64% I still don't know which questions I got wrong. It didn't show.
I've been trying to get all computer work done today. With them starting to pack friday I have got to get stuff done & out. All presents for teachers & such I want out, so not accidentally packed, same w/ cards. Tomorrow Ken is driving me up to St. Louis to pick up the rental car. So won't be stuck. It's not like I want to go out much, but there is a big difference btwn choosing to stay home & being stuck there.
Ivy has been super hyper the past 2 days. Partly my fault, got her the iPod & she's loving it. Also, she was chosen to be part of a special assembly thing for school. Whiskers. Still not completely sure what it is, but know it has to do w/ being responsible & the group is going to sing at an upcoming assembly. Had her last IEP meeting here today, her teacher & speech teacher both told me again how much they'll miss her. We've made good friends here. Here she is in her new skirt, it turned out pretty cute. The weather got COLD!! It's hailing, hopefully will be ok to get car tomorrow.
It's late & my stupid cutter thing isn't working right, cutting wobbly line. So having to cut everything by hand. Wrist is really aching. Also didn't getto talk to Rob today, not sure what happened, but won't be able tomorrow either since going to get rental. :( I finally got photos loaded from other day.

my flamingo's died. fell down & lost their heads.
hoofin it quick & beat.

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