Friday, December 12, 2008


If my house wasn't topsy turvy right now, would get a pic. of the moon. Very cool looking tonight. Stayed up extremely late last night getting house ready for today. So was exhausted by the time the packers left. Had to take a nap. Spent a cpl hours rearranging the boxes they finished. Needed living space. No need to be blocked in. Waiting for someone to complain, running the mower to use up the gas. Tomorrow will drain oil & clean grill. Have to get it done as they are predicting ice again for sunday. Spending too much money, as usual. Just not up to trying to cook tonight, so ordered pizza. yeesh. It's been so long, forgot how expensive it is. The special needs teachers & kids threw a tea for Ivy & gave her some presents today. She sure will miss them. I'm hoping there will be special needs kids she can work w/ in Germany. I am very proud of her, she wants to be a special needs assistant when she grows up. A very compassionate girl. The mower is annoying me too. ick. You know, if was actually mowing, would have died halfway through the yard. Well, that is all for tonight. TTFN.

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