Friday, January 30, 2009

Where does the day go

I have good intentions, but ... I keep intending to get one here, & then it is late & I am tired & my blog suffers for it. I need to get back in the habit. I just don't know where all the hours in the day go. Seems like I should be accomplishing more. I still don't feel like I've hit my groove yet. So tonight is pictures. Enjoy.

Isn't this so cool. The brick is sidewalk & the cobblestone is the road. It is so beautiful.

Other than atmosphere, what good is this lake? There is cool play area in the back of it though, just seemed funny w/ the sign.

There is no excuse for these people to leave dog poo on the ground. These things are all over.
(spell checked - happy now?)

I am falling asleep while writing, so good night & ttyl.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Music Video!

Do you know that Itunes offers freebies? There is a weekly music video & song. I discovered this one there last week, but didn't share it while free. (Bad, bad girl.) I still think it should be seen though, just wonderful. It is called "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie. I have been watching it repeatedly, I just love it.
Another good song I found this way was back in December, "Rock and Roll" by Eric Hutchinson. Please take some time to go enjoy these videos.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Year of the Ox
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. I had meant to do something to celebrate today, but I still can't shake this cold. Has now traveled to my stomach, but still feel better than I had. The boys started school today & I didn't get much of anything accomplished, but I did enjoy the peace. God Bless & ttyt :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This cold needs to go AWAY!

I have no patience with this. I HATE feeling sick. Not being able to breathe properly & the light-headedness that goes along w/ it as well as the itchy eyes & throat are making me crazy. I mean, I feel hugely better than I did a couple days ago, but now it is just annoying me.
Zach is being a sweety & supervising his sister & her friend at the big playground. Ah, peace.
I had thought about heading out to Ikea today & getting a microwave, (they had some out of stock last time we were there, but were only 15 or 16EU.) I decided to wait though. I only have 3 more weeks til our stuff gets here. I can be patient..... It won't kill me..... I hope.
I went to the Dr last week for general yearly checkup (you ladies know what I mean,) & to go over some complaints, (of course I forgot some things, so will need to make another appt.) Anyway, had talked about my feet problems, & he suggested that I wear lace up boots. I thought, wow, after all these years I'll be back in combat boots. haha. I got it in my head that I would love a pair of yellow patent leather combat-type boots. Can't find any in that color anywhere online. Goes & ruins my idea. hmph. I'm also keeping an eye out of a long hooded trench-coat. I think those would be perfect for the weather here.
The kids are back, but since they were playing have expended some excess energy, so GTG. It was so gorgeous out this morning, but now is grey, grey, grey. Blech. Oh well.

The top pic is Ivy talking to Aunt Fifi. She is in the box b/c it is her space. She likes it. Goofy kid. We got a few of these big boxes when they delivered Robs' stuff this week. Just wait til she sees the ones we get w/ our stuff.
I made a great big pot of steaming yumminess. I have been seeing recipes pop up all over the place for chicken & dumplings so had to have some. Oh my. I did goooood. Of course, I didn't use any recipe & failed to write down what I did, but it came out superb. So the closest I have to a recipe.
Chicken & Dumplings
cook chicken in covered pan over medium heat w/ chicken broth & poultry seasoning til done. In separate pot also on medium heat, saute 1 diced onion & 2 cloves minced garlic in 1 Tbsp olive oil. If starts to stick, add chicken stock. (I just got the stuff in the box w/ the screw on cap & am in love.) Once golden, add bag of frozen mixed veggies, & equal amount frozen baby California mixed veggies. Add a splash more chicken stock, cover & steam. Add 1 can each of cream of celery & cream of chicken soup. By this time, the chicken should be done, cut into bite sized chunks, (was so tender it cut w/ mixing spoon.) Then mix chicken into veggies. Add some milk, garlic salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash, more poultry seasoning. More pepper, more salt. Then mixed up dumplings while soup heated to boil. What was left of the Bisquick, (a bit over a cup,) & enough milk to make soft dough with more Mrs. Dash. Then plopped in the dumplings, a spoonful of dough at a time, on top of the soup. Covered, & boiled for 10 minutes, then uncovered for another 10. It was fantabulous.
That's it for tonight, I am heading off to read in bed & hope the kids can get along tomorrow.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I have a router, but no base computer to run it from. I could use mine, but I like to wander. Of course, I am not wandering right now, so hmmm. decisions, decisions. The cold I have been trying to catch was finally caught yesterday. Laid me out flat. But am feeling much better today. I do miss having a microwave. Would put a hot towel on my chest, but last night I did take advantage of my wonderful German bathtub. I love the tubs here. I only know what they are like in housing, but is always the same. A nice deep tub, like a garden tub, but normal width. A tub it is possible to soak in up to your neck. Also, heater right in the bathroom. Heaven. I know I still need to get pictures of the house on here, I have been slacking. Ivy & I both had eye exams today. She is fine, just a slight prescription & as she is doing well in school & not getting headaches or anything, going to wait on glasses for her. As for me, I need a stronger prism, but the Dr said no rush if my glasses aren't bothering me, so I'll gladly wait. He did say next time it goes up, though, I should consider surgery. Because my vision isn't that bad, the problem is w/ my eyes crossing. I have been a lazy bum while trying to beat this cold & driving rather than walking. I feel guilty, but justified. The boys finally start school this Monday. Hurray!! I bought an adorable stuffed rat at Ikea last week. I got it with the intention of sending it to daddy, but it was sooooooo cute I was going to keep it. Then Sera got a hold of it & is hilarious! Everytime she gets a hold of it, she tries to break it's back. It snowed today again, but then melted :(
One last thing before I sign off today.
Happy Birthday Sophia!!
Love ya kiddo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guten tag!

Good morning, after noon or night, depending on where you are & when you are reading this. It is a good day. Was going to say lovely, but it is too grey for that. I watched the inauguration recap on the news this morning. I may not have voted for Obama, (I'm a republican,) but I do have high hopes. I truly hope that as a nation we can start supporting our leaders.

I hate that the weather has warmed up just enough that it is not sure to rain or snow. Just a blah mix of both. Of course, after it was soooooo cold, this is positively balmy. I am on a bit of a rampage, about ready to install a security camera to catch whoever is responsible. Someone is letting their dog take a dump right beside my front door. & not cleaning it up. Absolutely ridiculous. We pick up after our dog, I do not apreciate going out the door & seeing a pile right there. Some people are awful. Just can't understand it, but I will have words w/ whoever is responsible. I will start looking out the door whenever Sera barks. We have been telling her to stop, thinking just someone walking by, but now will check.

Yea! it must have cooled down a bit out there. Now is just snow. I like snow. I will try & get some good pics to post on here.
It is that time of year again. Cookie Time. We do a bit different over here. We don't do door to door sales, only booths, but you can take some to be responsible to sell on your own. I took as much as I felt could afford if don't sell, then would be freezing them. or something. Feels like our cookies are on sale. It seems so funny to me that the price for GirlScout cookies varies by where you are. In FLW they were $4 a box. Here they are $3.50. And there are differebt ones. I mean, everywhere has the basics, (but they might be called something else,) Samoas, Tagalongs, Dosidos, Trefoils, Thin Mints. But then the others vary by place as well. Here we have sugar free Chocolate Chips, Lemon Chalets (lemon sandwich cookies), & the new one here is Dulce de Leche (yum - you know you want some Katie.) We had a different lemon in MO, as well as no sugar free options, which was hard b/c if you are diabetic you had nothing to choose from. The snow is really falling right now & beautiful, but doesn't look like it will stick.
Well that's enough rambling from me for now. I will post more later. ttfn :D

Monday, January 19, 2009


Where'd the night go? I am so behind on reading all of my web type stuff: e-mails, blogs, etc. Sitting here going through my e-mails, I completely lost track of time, but just knew I was tired. Well good grief, it's after midnight. Sheesh. So just a shorty. Watched the newest Narnia movie tonight. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I felt it was better than the first. Not that the first one was bad, just felt it was a bit blah. But it was good. Another thing that was good was dinner. YUM!!! I picked up a knorr packet for wiener schnitzel & rahm sauce. Ohhhhhh, it was soooooo good. So, had rahm schnitzel, fries & broccoli for dinner. yummy yummy yummy. Also, actually made Ivy a decent bento for lunch. I am finally getting back in the groove. Moving always throws me out of whack, & add being in a foriegn country to the equation & it is even harder to find my equalibrium. Anywho,

Ivy's tues. bento:
2 onigiri (rice balls) w/ american cheese & ham faces, broccoli & sliced hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes & red grapes.

If I had been thinking, would have made something to reflect the inauguration, but spaced it.
Well, that is all for tonight I have GOT to get to sleep. TTYL. :)

Happy MLK day

Seems kind of weird, but not sure how else to say have a good holiday for these odd ones.
Sorry I missed a few days. Had to wrestle the computer away from the kids. J/k. I let them have it, but was getting antsy. It's hard not having wireless up & only one line working. I need to figure it out. I went to Ikea on Saturday. I love Ikea, a bit too much. Spent too much money, but it is stuff I need. Thank God I ran out of time, or would've spent even more. (Bad girl.) I can't wait til we get our stuff in, this echoing is making me bonkers. Ivy loves it though. Makes all kinds of misc. sounds just for the echo. I think she'd just sing non-stop if the boys didn't fuss at her so bad.
I have been getting tired & going to bed so early lately. Not sure why. I used to be such a night owl, but anymore, I am ready for bed by 10pm at the latest. We went to church on Sunday. Reminded me why I like post chapels so much. I love the mixed protestant approach. I Loved the music. They started off first song playing the spoons. I just thought that was so cool, then later had gospel. The sermon was great & Ivy enjoyed childrens' church. I don't know why I let myself fall out of the habit of going to church, b/c I always feel good when I go.
Most of you know that I am not a big fan of driving, but I will say, I like driving on the autobahn. Always have. At least for less than an hour, over that & my eyes start getting too tired.
It really warmed up. The snow is almost gone & it's raining. The weather does say will snow again, but high todat is supposed to be 40. Wow.
I hear a child up & about. I think I will convince the youngun to come on down & listen for the delivery guys. (They are delivering Rob's hold baggage today, not a German holiday after all.) And I will take a nap, got up too early. God bless, & ttyl

Thursday, January 15, 2009

back in the habit

ok, I seriously need to get some canned air, my e's keep not being there when I type. I am thinking there might be something there. Hurray for the TKS cable guy. Went in b/c I had had it w/ my thrift store phones not working right, so went to buy new, (wonderful beautiful new phones.) Was digusted by the prices in the PX, so went on over to TKS & better phones at half the price, figures. So, while purchasing the phones, picked the guys brain. First off, have decided to get contract cell phone w/ them to get GPS & blue tooth - just not available in pay as you go. I am so worried about getting lost, will feel much better. Then, asked if he new anything about computers & how internet explorer stopped working on me right after i connected. He said to try Firefox. If you don't know, they are another internet browser company. I am much happier & I have internet again. WOO HOO!!! Now if I can get HP printer stuff off my comp I'll be all fixed & a happy ducky. I picked up the car today, so as

we now have moola & a way to tote heavy groceries, it is time to do the MAJOR moving in shopping. ugh. I will say though I can't wait to go off base. I am getting psyched. Need to figure out good time though as peanut is in school, & don't want her left out. Had originally thought this sat. would be good day, but she has a girl scout thing at school. Maybe after.... we'll see. I was stupid today & while at Ivy's physical, I decided to check my weight. Should've stayed ignorant, was happier. Ok, it is now very late & I need to go to bed, so gute nacht & ttyl.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Heeeellllllooooooo & Happy New Year
Well, this has been a long unintended absence. We arrived safe & sound in Germany on 3 January. I finally got internet at the house this monday, & my computer decided to hate the connection. It is having major issues, but Zach got a computer for his birthday, so am using his for the time being. I can email & IM on mine, but it won't open internet explorer. Grr. The boys have ended up with a very extended vacation as they finished their finals before we left, so can't start school until the new semester starts on the 26th. yeesh. The house is gorgeous & I love it. When I can access the internet on my computer again, I will post photos. I got my USAREUR license today, so can drive over here as soon as I pick up the car (tomorrow.) We have functional loaner furniture & kitchen items that will work until our stuff gets here in Februrary. The boys are loving the CAC (community activities center,) & the teen center. They are lucky as Robin is old enough to be in charge of his siblings, so they don't have to wait on me to go play pool. I have once again displayed my apptitude for accidents & sliced a chunk out of my finger while making soup on monday night. Not even a week & a half in country & I got to experience the German ER. The hospital is the klinikum, they definitely do things a bit different. But I am fine. I have a GREAT BIG bandage for a small chunk out of the tip of my finger. The kids stayed home while the neighbor kindly took me to the klinikum. Zach finished making the soup per my instructions, & it was delicious, but the ham seemed awfully odd to eat. We had lots of fun joking about the "hand" soup. Unfortunately I dropped the finger piece, (found later in my pocket,) & was scolded by the German Dr, but I don't know how they could've reattached it being so small. Just deep enough to cause issues w/ bleeding. I went for follow up at the Health Clinic on base & when they cleaned it & changed the dressing, could see is not that big, just very raw & meaty looking. eeeewwwwww. Ivy was able to start school right off, & started w/ her new Girl Scout troop yesterday & really enjoyed it. (I think she is "crushing on" the GS leaders son, even though she said is vice versa.) I am taking her next week for an eye exam on recommendation of school nurse, thinks she needs glasses. It has been COLD!!!! I love walking around post, but it is very very cold. Today was 10 when I got home. Just a bit chilly, actually felt somewhat warm, (was 8 yesterday.) Just tickles me how the temp is always lower than Yahoo says the low is. It snowed the day after we got here & has stayed nice all this time, still playable - just stay away from yellow snow. The pets made it though the trip non-the-worse-for-wear. I will write more at another time, but it is time to wrap it up for tonight. God Bless & ttyl.