Thursday, January 15, 2009

back in the habit

ok, I seriously need to get some canned air, my e's keep not being there when I type. I am thinking there might be something there. Hurray for the TKS cable guy. Went in b/c I had had it w/ my thrift store phones not working right, so went to buy new, (wonderful beautiful new phones.) Was digusted by the prices in the PX, so went on over to TKS & better phones at half the price, figures. So, while purchasing the phones, picked the guys brain. First off, have decided to get contract cell phone w/ them to get GPS & blue tooth - just not available in pay as you go. I am so worried about getting lost, will feel much better. Then, asked if he new anything about computers & how internet explorer stopped working on me right after i connected. He said to try Firefox. If you don't know, they are another internet browser company. I am much happier & I have internet again. WOO HOO!!! Now if I can get HP printer stuff off my comp I'll be all fixed & a happy ducky. I picked up the car today, so as

we now have moola & a way to tote heavy groceries, it is time to do the MAJOR moving in shopping. ugh. I will say though I can't wait to go off base. I am getting psyched. Need to figure out good time though as peanut is in school, & don't want her left out. Had originally thought this sat. would be good day, but she has a girl scout thing at school. Maybe after.... we'll see. I was stupid today & while at Ivy's physical, I decided to check my weight. Should've stayed ignorant, was happier. Ok, it is now very late & I need to go to bed, so gute nacht & ttyl.

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