Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guten tag!

Good morning, after noon or night, depending on where you are & when you are reading this. It is a good day. Was going to say lovely, but it is too grey for that. I watched the inauguration recap on the news this morning. I may not have voted for Obama, (I'm a republican,) but I do have high hopes. I truly hope that as a nation we can start supporting our leaders.

I hate that the weather has warmed up just enough that it is not sure to rain or snow. Just a blah mix of both. Of course, after it was soooooo cold, this is positively balmy. I am on a bit of a rampage, about ready to install a security camera to catch whoever is responsible. Someone is letting their dog take a dump right beside my front door. & not cleaning it up. Absolutely ridiculous. We pick up after our dog, I do not apreciate going out the door & seeing a pile right there. Some people are awful. Just can't understand it, but I will have words w/ whoever is responsible. I will start looking out the door whenever Sera barks. We have been telling her to stop, thinking just someone walking by, but now will check.

Yea! it must have cooled down a bit out there. Now is just snow. I like snow. I will try & get some good pics to post on here.
It is that time of year again. Cookie Time. We do a bit different over here. We don't do door to door sales, only booths, but you can take some to be responsible to sell on your own. I took as much as I felt could afford if don't sell, then would be freezing them. or something. Feels like our cookies are on sale. It seems so funny to me that the price for GirlScout cookies varies by where you are. In FLW they were $4 a box. Here they are $3.50. And there are differebt ones. I mean, everywhere has the basics, (but they might be called something else,) Samoas, Tagalongs, Dosidos, Trefoils, Thin Mints. But then the others vary by place as well. Here we have sugar free Chocolate Chips, Lemon Chalets (lemon sandwich cookies), & the new one here is Dulce de Leche (yum - you know you want some Katie.) We had a different lemon in MO, as well as no sugar free options, which was hard b/c if you are diabetic you had nothing to choose from. The snow is really falling right now & beautiful, but doesn't look like it will stick.
Well that's enough rambling from me for now. I will post more later. ttfn :D

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Danielle said...

I want Dulce de Leche cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!! So not fair! I may have to order a box from Ivy. ;-p

The new council's cookie policy for troop bonus is a bunch of um, you know. Each girl has to sell at least 160 boxes, the troop has to partake in cookie booths, AND they have to have 95% of the troop participate in sales in order for the troop to get the extra $$.